Monday, June 18, 2012

"Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow you stop eating rice."

 I've been fat since 2003. The last time I felt good about my body was in year 2001. I weighed 108 lbs. After college graduation, these things happened:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • GY shift
  • stress eating

These, along with genetics, helped me achieved a whooping body weight of 180 lbs (November 2011).

I recently lost 20 lbs from good old-fashioned exercise and control of rice intake (1 cup per meal). I was happy but the timeline's kinda too slow... I have issues that I need to address. I want to be at a perfect 100 (lbs).

Then Orlando posted this in his blog. I was inspired. I've been wanting to go on SBD (South Beach Diet) for the longest time but I got discouraged by some factors:

  • Preparation - Who will make the food for me?
  • Cost - Regular menu for the family plus my food
  • Unhappiness - I love rice

When I reviewed Orly/Hazel's Pinoy SBD guide, I had a Eureka moment. I can improvise! I was also able to address the three factors that have kept me from doing SBD:

Preparation - Who will make the food for me?
I have an addictive personality. I am able to eat the same thing for a period of two months (ex. Bagoong Rice, Henlin's Goto, leftovers, etc.). Phase 1 is just two weeks of restraint... not a problem. My first week prep is in this post.

Cost - Regular menu for the family plus my food
All my fitness counselors and online references agree - 80% of weight loss results come from diet. Only 20% comes from exercise. I've been doing some research for fitness classes within the area: Yoga lessons cost PhP4,500 per month (unlimited sessions). Zumba costs PhP6,000 for two months (16 sessions).

Unhappiness - I love rice
Beggars can't be choosers. And it's not forever...

So wish me well. SBD starts today!

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