Saturday, September 03, 2011

I'm not a

Friday, September 02, 2011

What I'd give to have this in the bedroom everyday,,,

Hubby, Little One, Teddy and Sheep-Sheep playing with Jakobo (the laptop) and cam.

Mommy gets to join (on cooking break) but camera doesn't like her.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy Thursday Morning

With humility, I confess. I am addicted to rain, cigarettes, coffee and friends.

Had a great rainy, breezy Thursday morning with Mother D. We talked about our shared love for geeks (and how the yummiest ones seem to be those that play Magic), Eat Bulaga, the imbecile who said that "English is the language of learning... Filipino is for the streets," fidelity (in romantic relationships), love and how it can never be selfless, some mean girls stealing/attempting to steal someone's boyfriend, Josie's return to the Philippines and how her India experience has prepared her for all types of corporate hell... I miss them. Too bad Kleyr wasn't able to join us.

I am a fulfilled life addict today.

Thanks to Starbucks for not being able to sustain its previously proclaimed non-smoking advocacy. The world loves sell-outs. A sector in society will always benefit from a corporation's hypocrisy. Oh the beauty of the consumerist world. Snicker... Snicker...

Beautiful image is from

Beginning today

I will strive to master the art of not caring about what you do and, more importantly, what you don't do.

The Hermit has left the warmth and comfort of the enclosing walls of home, left behind the bright and noisy room where friends talk, children play, and lovers embrace. He has journeyed out into the dark night with lantern and staff, to find a quiet spot to sit and read, to enter his own thoughts yet again.

Solitude can be beneficial. It can help us center, gain perspective, and introspect. Silence also allows for a special kind of connection with the divine. No longer surrounded by throngs of people and their urgent purposes, the Hermit hears the subtle, whispered messages of the cosmos. We also need time alone to heal ourselves after conflict or loss.

The Hermit's personality is strongly introverted, and this may shut him off from the intimacy he yearns for. He's eager to understand the words in his book, but fears understanding the people in his life. He wishes he could touch like the couple silhouetted in doorway of the house, but is immobilized by fear when he seeks to initiate a relationship. So he retreats from the challenge of reaching out, and withdraws, isolating himself in his private world instead. Solitude need not equate with loneliness, but it may, and often does. Perhaps the Hermit secretly wishes someone would follow him out into the silences, and embrace him there. He doesn't know how to ask for companionship, so he feels helpless in his isolation.

Even in the context of a relationship, the introverted personality of the Hermit can present difficulties. When stressed, he withdraws, and communication may break down as a result. He is uncomfortable with the immediacy and unpredictability of direct emotion, but can appreciate another's feelings if they are rendered in more objective, abstract tones, like the words in his book.

The Hermit can make many positive contributions to a relationship. He tends to have good self-knowledge, depth of character, and honesty. To bring these gifts into a healthy relationship, though, his energy must be blended with that of other, more extroverted archetypes, such as the Fool, the Magician, the Empress, the Lovers, or the Sun. If he does not connect with these energies himself, his partner may have to provide them, which can place a burden on the relationship.

The Hermit's intimacy is with his own thoughts, and with the secrets of the cosmos. Such intimacy-in-solitude is beautifully enriching, if he can overcome being trapped and limited by habitual aloneness.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life would have been sweeter if women evolved from whales, not monkeys. The bigger, the rounder, the better. And who will need to worry about unwanted hair? Or sagging you-know-whats? Or stretch marks? Hay naku.


4D3N In Happy World - (Long Weekend) Vacation Highlights


Cooked for hubby and Little One (she loved most of it):
  • Sinigang na Hipon
  • Fried Tilapia
  • Stir-fried Kangkong (with Bagoong Isda)
  • Fried Chicken
  • Pinakbet
  • Adobong pusit (fresh from the can)
  • Dadda prepared hotdogs, pancakes and champorado for breakfast


  • Made ref cake
  • Little one loved it too

  • She climbs the couch like a PRO!
  • She likes her new high chair
  • It's great watching TV with her sandwiched between Dadda and Mommy (despite the fact that she can't stay in one spot for 3 minutes).

  • Little One and I took our first bath together
  • Gave Little One after-bath massages... tough to complete when the laptop's within reach

  • Slept next to Little One.
  • Hugging her is heaven.
  • I don't understand what this means but it's really touching --- she loves to stare into my eyes (as if she's looking for something)... Or is she wondering... who the hell is this woman? :P

Wish she never had to leave.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Funny

Woke up with a not-so-happy disposition and chanced upon this site. It's supposed to be funny and cool for God-knows-who. I got really agitated.

This is the ideal woman. Topless, not fat, plays video games with partner. Change image on TV screen to basketball, football, UFC, boxing, porn, etc. and the caption will still say: #1 REASON I'M IN LOVE WITH HER.

It's one of those days when it's fulfilling to imagine how life would be like if God gave me lesbian genes. I just hate MEN today.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Vow I Almost Wrote

This FRIENDS episode has got to be the most memorable proposal I've ever seen.

You can view proposal scene in YouTube -

Ages ago, I wrote a wedding proposal. I hate it that I did... Anyways, the episode also reminded me of the wedding vow I almost wrote.

They say that a woman starts preparing for her wedding at the age of ten (or younger). Every year, after the first time a little girl sees a bride walk down the aisle, becomes a piece of a big jigsaw puzzle that is her wedding day. The groom counts as one piece. I'm one of those little girls. Although my journey to putting that puzzle together was a little different.

At six years old, I started praying for my parents' separation. It became an annual Christmas wish to dear Santa (he never listened).
I grew up not wanting to be part of anything that made a little girl seek refuge under the dining table, amidst painful yelling and broken glass (plates, ketchup bottles and flower vases). Of course, somehow, I yearned to spend my life with someone who will make life a little bit more fun and meaningful. I was thinking, cohabitation may be the way to go... Just so that if things don't work out, then there will be no legal implications and whatever complications. Everyone moves on. And there should be no children, because children become pathetic reasons to stay together even when two people start aching to pursue better lives as individuals --- not husband and wife.

And then "we happened."
You were just this funny geeky guy who likes big boobs on pretty faces. Remember how we used to "girl-watch" with another sleazy friend? Summer of 1998. I didn't even like you yet... when I dreamt about "us" locked in a gentle embrace. I thought "ewwww..." and I couldn't look at you the entire week.

I can't remember how I started looking at you in a special kind of way... It just happened. We just happened. We were just working on this class project in Diane's living room and this little girl, her niece, claimed this tiny couch space between us. She brought her book and she wanted us to read with her. I looked at you and started thinking... hmmm... this is how it's going to be like when we have our own daughter.

Nothing else follows... I stopped writing (in my head) when I found out we weren't going to read our own vows. The coordinator said we can personalize our vows (although it's not required). I got lost in the indifference of the world to my desire.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Would love to go back

Much as I love to blog and Google anything/everything under the sun, I really wish I lived in a world without internet access nor mobile phones. I experienced this kind of life during my teens and early twenties --- I loved it.

I miss writing and receiving letters. Did this with my high school buddies. For every new heartache, crush, triumph, experience, etc... one letter. Also did this with the young boys I liked/loved (I was young too, how should I know the difference!).

I miss telephone conversations.

I miss the careful planning that comes with every meeting. Meet me at this time, in this stop... Now it's "text me where you are/when you're ready." I miss the way the heart somersaults in anticipation of the first glance.

I like waking up next to someone. I hate looking at a back turned against me because of net surfing.

I am not ahead of my time. I wanna go back.

Who'll take me?

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