Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember these?

For the young(er) ones... did you ever wonder why this is the "save" icon?

It's because of these.... a trip down memory lane for the young-at-heart.

Before the thumb drives of the world were born, we used floppy disks for our thesis, resume (for the first job hunting experience), love letters, songs (we had to rely on splitters to make them fit!), work! I used them until early 2007... and figured it was time to let go when it became next-to-impossible to find an external floppy drive that connects to the more.. ehem... modern PCs!

Photos were taken last October 2011, a year after we finally unpacked our moving-in boxes. The hubby is a neat-freak-pack rat!

My love affair with purple started a looong time ago...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Can't wait...

I spent the last two hours comparing package tours for an upcoming trip... and now I can't get my mind off this...

It may be the last bongga vacation we can ever afford for the next eight years, because we will be so poor paying for this...

But it's all good, because in 2014, our January trips will have a constant plus one --- until she decides she's too cool to tag along. Why you little biatch...

Ok, too early for empty nest syndrome. Got carried away.

Galera 2012: First Real Sunbathing

Big deal for me. This is a milestone. Please don't judge.

If I were in the US, I'd be legally blind. I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was 10 years old and so the idea of wearing "shades" never really appealed to me. Plus, it costs so much to have "shades with grade" so why bother? On our last trip to Galera, however, everyone had shades so I got a little curious... and envious. Therefore, I got me one... It was a rip-off at PhP80 (K got hers for only PhP50) but it was totally worth it!

Gorgeous Mommy Coincidence
(same design, purchased on different dates and location) 

Gagamgirl was on my side on my first official sunbathing day. She introduced me to the concept of authentic chill. Wear shades, lie on your back, look up, smoke! When you start feeling burned, dip in the water, then go back to real chill (sounds like rinse repeat). Also works when you lie on your tummy... and according to Gagamgirl, this works really well with a box of Mojos on your tummy too. Haha!

So this post, ultimately, is to celebrate my first real sunbathing experience with shades... and to say thank you to Gagamgirl (for her guidance and encouragement) and to the ladies who shared the lechon spot with me.

Looking forward to more firsts, at 31. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Galera, oh yeah!

Gagamgirl, earlier this year, coined a heartbreaking theme for the teambuilding activity that never happens/happened: BYOB - Bring Your Own Buhangin. We were imagining one full day, in the training room, of pathetic fun. We'll be dressed up for the beach, we'll have beach balls, chairs, we'll be lying on the floor - roleplaying until we start crying... After 17 months (I kid you not!) of waiting, we finally had our first out-of-town team activity! This is not a corporate event, ok? We spent personal funds and so this means... we only had to stick to our own agenda of fun fun fun!!!

I had so much fun, I didn't take a lot of photos. This shutterbug missed:
  • Our Banana Boat Ride
  • Our lechon spot in the shore (we tried our best to cook evenly)
  • The Fire Dance and SheMale Variety Show (lasted for three hours!)
  • The nobody-cares-we-won't-be-here-tomorrow-anyway-Dancing!
  • All the Mindoro Sling we consumed --- five pitchers and one tower!
  • Etc., etc., etc.,
  • Thanks to Gagamgirl for being able to capture the lechon spot (and some)
These are all bus and boat pics - on our way to the beach. Nothing follows. Haha!

In vino and stuff

I don't drink a lot but when I do, I tend to set high standards of DRUNK.

1. I do not consider myself drunk until I am no longer able to control my limbs and mouth.
2. I am not Yummylicious Drunk if I can still remember things.

I accomplished these things last Thursday evening. Our team had an 8-hr videoke session.

In the company of cool people, I was free to sing, dance and yoga my heart out. It felt like running 5k the morning after. Everything hurt.

As for the parts I don't recall, the hubby was the ever reliable scribe and caring witness.

  • Guards on night duty kept their eyes on us... I kept pushing him away saying "get away from me! I don't know you!!!"
  • I didn't know him because... I was a hermit crab, I said. I was walking sideways with my hands doing the "scissors" move.
  • I also said hi to two teenage boys sitting on the curb.
  • And when we reached the apartment lobby, I wanted to sleep in the lobby entrance.

Now that is Yummylicious drunk! And yes, in vino veritas is still true. Everybody knows that I'm a frustrated stage actress. If you know me well enough, I am a hardcore hermit crab. And if you're my husband, you've probably heard me complain in all forms, fashion and drama that I don't know you anymore. As for saying hi to teenage boys? I really don't know. Maybe that's the nagging desire to feel desired. Or maybe all that drama about falling in love with a boy, wishing he never grew up to be a man.

Whatever it is/was, I had fun. And that's all that matters now. Thanks to my team mates for the wonderful evening. And to the hubby for taking me home. God knows where I would have spent the night if he didn't show up. Where do hermit crabs sleep?