Sunday, November 18, 2012

Galera, oh yeah!

Gagamgirl, earlier this year, coined a heartbreaking theme for the teambuilding activity that never happens/happened: BYOB - Bring Your Own Buhangin. We were imagining one full day, in the training room, of pathetic fun. We'll be dressed up for the beach, we'll have beach balls, chairs, we'll be lying on the floor - roleplaying until we start crying... After 17 months (I kid you not!) of waiting, we finally had our first out-of-town team activity! This is not a corporate event, ok? We spent personal funds and so this means... we only had to stick to our own agenda of fun fun fun!!!

I had so much fun, I didn't take a lot of photos. This shutterbug missed:
  • Our Banana Boat Ride
  • Our lechon spot in the shore (we tried our best to cook evenly)
  • The Fire Dance and SheMale Variety Show (lasted for three hours!)
  • The nobody-cares-we-won't-be-here-tomorrow-anyway-Dancing!
  • All the Mindoro Sling we consumed --- five pitchers and one tower!
  • Etc., etc., etc.,
  • Thanks to Gagamgirl for being able to capture the lechon spot (and some)
These are all bus and boat pics - on our way to the beach. Nothing follows. Haha!

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