Saturday, April 28, 2012

In the name of love

I don't run. I don't jog. I walk.

The last time I literally ran for dear life was 11 years ago - February 12, 2001. Hubby and I covered this event for the university publication and on our way home, some drug addict thought it'd be cool to kill some random kids (me and Hubby). He pursued us... memory still makes me cringe.

Anyways, Hubby's company partnered with the organizers of Forbes Park 2012's Earth Run. They're going to select a UP Diliman scholar and they'll sponsor the blessed kid's education on his/her last two years in college.

So tomorrow, I'll run. 5K. Well, we're planning to walk, jog and run.

Wish us well. And if you know me, please pledge. I don't understand how these things work and it only dawned on me, this morning that I have to help raise funds... not just show my love for the Managing Editor.

Tomorrow, I'll know if it's true... that too much love can kill you.


Everdearest Gagamgirl

Kung mayaman ako, this will be yours come Monday evening.

For your brilliance and all the shades of green you've brought to my life... our lives. For the questions you ask, whether shared or otherwise. For your infinite gift in the process of creation. And everything else you dare dream to become.... You will never grow old.

You are loved.