Friday, May 04, 2012

I want to get inked

Darker violet, white text... back of right hand.

Something that I read, in preparation for getting hitched, used a very powerful visual image...this image on your partner's forehead. I was inspired to "see it" on the forehead of anyone and everyone I care about.

It's not easy (especially with family) but I feel that I'm getting better at handling people with utmost care through:
  • not forgetting to say thank you, excuse me, sorry
  • not interrupting
  • not shooting messengers of bad news
  • listening before saying anything
  • using empathy statements

Because I care so much about these things, I wish for other people to care about it too. I wish to be handled like I'm fragile. And maybe getting this image on my skin will make it easier, for anyone who matters to me, to remember.