Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Day1: 4-Month Blogging Backlog in 500 Words

Word Count: 596 (title excluded)

I got pregnant.

Totally unplanned and unexpected. I had to apologize to the NLO (New Little One) after I recovered from almost a month of shock-disbelief-depression.

TLO (The Little One), the eldest, is a special needs child. Genetics is the most likely culprit and so I was (and yes, I still am) scared that the NLO may have the same syndrome and/or birth defects too. Can we support two special needs children financially and emotionally?? I’m not a very optimistic person so words of encouragement don't really help (most of the time). Gregor Mendel won every argument inside my head. But for some reason, praying really helped. The great thing about abstract concepts, like God, or faith, or miracles, is that once fortified with the right timing and circumstances, they become bigger than life – so big that they are able to beget life. I still don’t have any answers for the great what-if’s but through prayers and meditation, I’ve been able to afford excitement.

Real concerns aside, there were reel concerns too. I wanted to be pursued for the NLO – just like in the movies with hubbies being extra sweet, giving flowers, writing letters, showing goo-goo eyes to fertilize. Due to circumstances, mostly none were within my control, the first child was the story of me pushing and prodding for happy endings.  I know, big yuck from the left-brained population. I wanted the second to be asked of me. So when NLO came out of nowhere, it felt like I lost something. But what can you do? A baby is a baby is a baby. At least I’m no Juno.

I got a new job.

It came with two supportive team mates and two super bosses, a laptop, a new phone with unlimited postpaid data plan, a new workstation (priceless in our industry) and, if schedules/tasks permit, work-from-home privileges.

I've learned that the best career decisions are not based on career considerations. The best career decisions are anchored on pursuits and aspirations for one’s personal life. With all honesty and humility, I needed a job that will give me ample time, cerebral and emotional space to be a mother. I needed a job that challenges and develops me but not to the extent that it consumes me outside of the office. I got all of these in my new job. I’m blessed.

On the flip side and a few steps away from being blessed, I've also learned not to underestimate people’s capacity for evil – especially in the workplace. I thought I've seen it all but I was still shocked when I encountered the mother of all evil. The arrogance, the superiority complex, the pride in backyard industry thinking and practices in a global workplace. Bygones. Good riddance.

We’re going to move in to our first “home” in a few weeks.

Simple, quiet, peaceful Christmas. Just the way we wanted it.

Simple, quiet, peaceful New Year. With great food (that I didn’t have to cook!).

Visits from friends I haven’t seen in a looong time.

Spent 15 calendar days as full-time mom and homemaker. I loved every second of this period.

I am having a baby ___. I’m not allowed to share because the dad wants to be surprised.

I signed up in the My500 Words Challenge.
First entry. Tough. I wanted to have a blurb per bold heading but I didn’t have enough time to write nor organize my thoughts. I need to cook in a few, put TLO down for a nap and take a nap too before I prepare for work. But I loved every second of this. Tomorrow may even be better. After this 30-day challenge, I want to do a re-run in the vernacular.