Monday, October 29, 2012

Classic Beauty

She showed up earlier than usual. Fresh, optimistic and brave. 

5:38PM, 10/29/12

5:38PM, 10/29/12

6:22PM, 10/29/12

***Used camera phone, played with images in Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
***This is why I love the roof deck.

The Little One (Hawaiian Do)

If you're a mom (or any doting ___), United Nations is a big event. Hubby and I braved the Divisoria crowd to achieve the Hawaiian look for the Little One. We're very proud! And although our little girl's default demeanor is nonchalance, I think she liked it... she survived the program without removing/destroying her lei nor throwing away her shoes.

I just want to share the expense report the promote Divisoria (go to Tabora/Ylaya). Big half the peace sign to SM and other department stores for charging PhP900+ on costumes!
  • Summer Dress - one yard of cloth handsewn by yours truly (PhP 40). Important Note: we didn't go for the usual grass skirt. We looked for something that she could still wear after the event.
  • Lei - for the hair (PhP 40)
  • Lei - neck and hands (PhP 40)
  • Orange Doll Shoes - (PhP 60)
  • Stitch Stuffed Toy - not here. When the school sent a note that the little one needs to be Lilo, we thought that she needs to be Lilo. Apparently, they just meant Hawaiian and used Disney movies as themes (PhP 60)
All dressed up but still our little baby.
Can't get enough of her index finger.
Details! Every aspiring mommy-stylist knows...

Orange doll shoes.

Getting a little bored.
A perfect moment for picking her nose.
Yup! Still managed to put a slit in her dress.