Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful Mess

 Eksena tuwing matatapos maglaro si TLO.

All photos taken last 01/14/12, 11PM.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I did.

Date a guy who writes

Date a guy who writes. Date that someone who doesn’t concern too much being the best looking man in the world. The guy who doesn’t toil for minutes or hours in front of the mirror. He spends an ample time in his room, or on a solitary bench in a public park, or on train and bus stations with his pen and notebook formulating the perfect words, putting life in his lines through wordplay, writing the loveliest poems. He doesn’t mind being alone on weekend nights in the back-alleys or risking his life climbing the roof just to have an unobstructed view of the sky, to muse with the stars and summon a conversation with the moon. He doesn’t mind battling the cold that bites his skin as long as he tunes the right melody for the song he’s writing for your anniversary,or a guaranteed chapter entry on his book, that he is anticipating to give you on your birthday. Yes, he doesn’t loathe the fact that he is stuck in that place, in that moment in time, squeezing his brain, while his friends are out there, in the open drinking to the high of weekend parties, dancing in smoke-filled bars and drowning to barrels and barrels of liquors.

Find a guy who writes, a walking cliché of kill-you-with-words, and when you do, make no mistakes letting him go. His wit, his spontaneity, rapture and heart for aesthetics will suffice for all those romanticism you have in mind. Date that someone who doesn’t kill himself in gyms, just to have the perfect body, the manly facade and never go for the too neat, too clean— you will discover over time that it is dragging and lame having a partner, a man who spends on shower threefold longer than you do. Date a guy who doesn’t dream having the Brad Pitt’s face, but the one who reads, learns and writes like of John Keats romance’s. The one who seeks for Stephen King’s thrill and the war stories of Ernest Hemingway. Date a guy who doesn’t give you a litany of promises lost in the haze of cheap talk, date that someone who acts, who makes you feel you are special even before you find yourself versed in one of his poems, resembling one of his story characters. Date that someone who stays with you, dream with you and writes random nothing on your palm or on your arms, because he fears that the words won’t come out right when he starts speaking them.

Date a guy who writes, the one who can skim the oceans in your eyes and write a line about it, that someone who can swim in it just to string those lines to make a stanza and can drown there if that’s all it takes to combine those stanzas into a beautiful work of poetry. Date a guy who can translate the amber glow in your face into haiku and sonnets. That someone who never tires scribbling his pen in dire search for muslin haze for streaks of clarity.

When that guy asks for your hand, give a sureshot “yes”. He sees life in a general scheme and weighs all the options from there, the same way he chooses the right words, the best point of view and perspectives just to incorporate beauty in his writing. Jumping into conclusion is not his game, he probably learned that it is not practical from a thousand fictional dilemma he wrote. And you will not live in monotony and routines, he can put colors in your days the same way he resorts figurative languages, the same way he puts flowers and butterflies in his words. And your leisure times will not be spent on themed parks, signature shops and wherever-transatlantic-cruise that is, spending the money you saved for a year in just one day. He will teach you to appreciate God’s creation and find happiness in the most mundane of things— on the sun rising behind the trees, the music of birds chirping and the dance of leaves in graceful sways, the breeze that kisses your cheek, your face, touching your heart with a magical feel, all the way to your bones, sunsets and silhouettes, the placid sea and the story behind a seagull or a fishing canoe that blemishes the scene. This list can go on forever, and the guy who writes is birthed with utmost appreciation to this, with sheer gratitude and he has an innate understanding that this whole divinity is meant to be shared with someone.

He might get lost in conversations, and becomes remote in an instant, but you are willing to make it up, because you know, at the back of your head that you are already transcending the touches of reality, lost in the not-so-distant world of make believe, living in the beauty and power of imagination, the world behind the written words.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I really shouldn't be...

checking work email from home. It's been one of those I-will-quit-smoking forever fail goals for the longest time. So I'll start (again, for the umpteenth time) tomorrow.

It may be a different story once I'm issued a BB. But until then, I really shouldn't be checking work email from home.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saving for Bebang

My first-born (ok, TLO no need to go ballistic), by virtue of mothering skills development OJT, is my youngest sister Bebang. I've completed payment for her educational plan six years ago. I want to brag because I'm proud... face value was at PhP250,000. WAS. Big WAS. Because of an unfortunate accident, that educational plan is gone.

My husband is a good man. While I'm still wallowing over WTF happened... he just talked to me about a concrete plan to save up again for Bebang's college education. We're starting this week, after he opens a new time deposit account. Then we'll start saving PhP6,000 every month. We have less than two years to save up for Bebang's first college tuition fee.

I'm writing about this because we need all the good vibes in the world to make this happen. We have bills to pay but Bebang needs us too. So please say a little prayer, or make a wish if you don't pray, for this big goal.

And thank you Dadda. You've been very supportive and generous. I am blessed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recipe: Pritong Talong and Winding Road

Forever Disclaimer: Note that I'm no expert. Matakaw lang ako. I'm from the tantiya-tantiya-nakukuha-sa-tikim-ang-tamang-lasa school of cooking. Walang sukat-sukat dito friends.

Aminin nating lahat, masarap ang talong. Here's a very simple recipe na kasing popular ng pagprito ng itlog. Prito lang. For the kinky minds, para sa inyo talaga ito.

  • Talong
  • Salt
  • Pepper 
  • Mantika
  • (Sawsawan) Bawang at Suka

Paano Lutuin:

1. Hugasang mabuti ang talong. Kahit anong sitwasyon, kahit anong nasyon, kahit anong kultura, kahit gutom na gutom ka na, siguraduhing hugas ang talong bago kainin.

2. Dahil Pilipino tayo, gusto natin na ang talong ay may hiwa ("cut"). Walang batas sa kung ano ang dapat na hiwa - kanya kanyang trip yan. Ngayon, kung medyo afam ang hanap mong talong, fine, huwag mo hiwain. Un-cut kung un-cut. Desisyon mo yan.

3. Tuyuin  ng bimpo (o kahit anong mahagilap na pamunas) ang mga talong pagkatapos hugasan para hindi sila mapasma. Ilatag ang mga talong at budburan ng asin at paminta. Itaktak mo 'teh! Go! Chance na rin ang step na ito para mag-experiment. Paprika? Asukal? Harina? Kung ano ang nasa puso mo, sundin mo. Basta hindi puwede ang lotion.

4. Isipin mong ikaw ang talong. Hinugasan kang maigi. Binimpuhan. Nilamas sa asin at paminta. Siyempre, galit na galit ka na diba? Dahil diyan, masasabi nating handang handa na ang mga talong. Init na init na sila. Ibigay ang hilig, iprito na!

5. Magiging makatas ang finished product kaya maghanda ng dry towel para patuluin ang mga basang talong. Mangunguluntoy sila pagkatapos ng lahat. Ganun talaga ang buhay. Ang talong, minsan matigas, minsan malambot. Ako gusto ko ang tustado (see below).

Simple sawsawan, no sweat. Suka, bawang at konting asin para labasan ng lasa ang dalawang sangkap.

I'm supposed to post one entry per day, just because... This is a make-up post for 01/20/12. All photos were taken last 01/05/12, 4PM.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walking with Leslie Sansone

Cross-posting from my Health, Wellness and Hotness diary-blog.

Some comment

This comment, from my SOPA post, shook my quiet Saturday.

(Outside the topic of SOPA). So you'd rather have a controlled environment where your hubby has nothing to do so he'll resort to writing you letters. How about you? When was the last time you wrote him? You don't have to wait for him to write, you can write him. Some positive actions from your part might bring back the lover in him you've been missing. Whining and being sad will not do anything. Write him, write more letters of love. Short notes would do. Leave it on his laptop, or slip it in his wallet. I'm pretty sure it's gonna work. It worked on me. I used to write letters for my fiance almost everyday. I stopped. I don't know why, it just did. But she didn't. And I'm thankful for that. I love writing her, and reading her letters brought back the romantico in me. Now we're writing each other again frequently. (our relationship is probably not as long as your's but this is coming from a man in an almost 10-year relationship)

First reaction - Ouch.
Second reaction - Do I even respond?
Third reaction - Cry. How come it worked for him?
Fourth reaction - Different strokes, you know the rest.
Fifth reaction - By writing intimate details about my life, I am opening my self to feedback, criticism, judgement, advice, lurkers, spammers, etc. - solicited or otherwise. Shake it off. Shake it off. I am at peace with the thought that I am loved, in a different kind of way.