Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saving for Bebang

My first-born (ok, TLO no need to go ballistic), by virtue of mothering skills development OJT, is my youngest sister Bebang. I've completed payment for her educational plan six years ago. I want to brag because I'm proud... face value was at PhP250,000. WAS. Big WAS. Because of an unfortunate accident, that educational plan is gone.

My husband is a good man. While I'm still wallowing over WTF happened... he just talked to me about a concrete plan to save up again for Bebang's college education. We're starting this week, after he opens a new time deposit account. Then we'll start saving PhP6,000 every month. We have less than two years to save up for Bebang's first college tuition fee.

I'm writing about this because we need all the good vibes in the world to make this happen. We have bills to pay but Bebang needs us too. So please say a little prayer, or make a wish if you don't pray, for this big goal.

And thank you Dadda. You've been very supportive and generous. I am blessed.


  1. Hi Romi,

    Wish you all the luck. :) May you be blessed with the ability to make good decisions in life. May you be firm in whatever you wish to undertake. And may you be peaceful in your heart.


    PS: I'm totally not the same Maki who used to bug your previous blog (yes I know about the now dead balitang****t) :p

  2. B1!?! Ikaw ba itey? Or ito ba ang kapatid na kyut ni B1?

  3. P.S. I forgot to say thanks. Maki, kung sino ka man, salamat!

  4. Sending you all the good vibes and luck in the world. :)