Thursday, January 19, 2012

I support SOPA

I have thinking been about this since the hubby started posting passionate shout-outs in Facebook about SOPA. The educated mind hears the voices saying "freedom of speech." But the heart just says, it's all good, I like it, I've been waiting for it.

The personal is the political indeed. And without any attempt at seamless transition, let it be known that I support it. I feel marginalized and to some degree "concerned" about what other people will say, but as a wife and a mother, I'm saying it again. I hope the bill makes it.

I will miss being able to download ebooks, movies, music, etc. I will miss being able to look up anything and everything under the sun - especially about my line of work. But the things that I'll miss, far outweigh what I won't.

I won't miss the days when Wiki, Fark, Reddit, etc. made me feel like I'm the most boring romantic partner in the world because the hubby would rather surf than write me love letters or send me a 100-word email. Somehow, I've learned to come to terms with the fact that "he's no longer into letter-writing" but something in me never stopped believing that if only circumstances were different, our years of letter-writing would have continued to this day. I won't miss the days when I'd wonder if we'll have longer, better, deeper conversations if we didn't have internet access. I won't miss the days when I'd wake up to a hubby surfing when I'm hoping I'd wake up next to him, just there, looking at me. Our love affair started in the late 90's. I loved it much better then, when life was simple.

If I had my way, I'd love for The Little One (TLO) to grow up in a world of libraries and photocopiers. I still believe that having everything accessible online has made the younger generation intellectually lazy. They have so much information within reach, but they don't even know what to do with it.

If access to online information becomes restricted, people will go back to buying books. And with the power of the "invisible hand," books will no longer be too expensive. We'll have more trips to the bookstore when that happens, not Google clicks.

I question the noisy crowd fighting SOPA. Wiki, Google, Reddit? These are businesses. They may invoke the power of free speech but if you read the fine print, they're protecting revenue.

Worried about not finding what you need by just going through a search engine? We survived without them. Free your mind of the consumer-driven need.

I am not going to apologize but I feel for the hubby who may feel betrayed. My love, we're on different sides of the fence this time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DId he know, two weeks ago?

Did he know, two weeks ago? He wanted to die on a rainy Wednesday. He told a Hub follower...

"I don't know what to say, it feels like i've been put under knives, needles and magnifying lens...but in a good way, of course. Thanks for appreciating what is now a collective of thoughts on how i wish to, well, move on."

 Did he bitch about it up there? Hehe... rainy Tuesday it was when he...

Poetry and Art by Mama Cris, from his Hub Pages.

i want to die on a rainy day

i want to die on a rainy day.
when the river overflows, so
shall my life. trickling down
the moistened earth to find
home among cocooned seeds.

i want to die on a rainy day.
on a wednesday, middle of
the week. only the dogs will
sense the rapture and moving
on will not be an affair even
if i roam the streets naked.

i want to die on a rainy day.
lying down on a bench under
a tree in a park somewhere.
while strangers grapple with
umbrellas, my final breath
shall find the greying clouds
past dreamcatching leaves.

i want to die on a rainy day.
and i will play the guitar as
i ebb. certainly not sunshine
on my shoulders. definitely.

(stale cigarettes, anyone?)

Last Thing He Made Me Do: Be Inspired

"Aside from enjoying the pleasure of creating the images, I've realized a several things in the course of the challenge (it is still ongoing by the way): That one and the same image can evoke different emotions for different people; that people who can put those emotions, whatever they may be, into writing are truly blessed with the gift to inspire and entertain others; that to share that gift freely is grace.

The great Ernest Hemingway could have never been more, to put it bluntly, correct when he said "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." Indeed. But then again, a spark of inspiration would be most helpful in jumpstarting the bleeding. A bleeding of the most glorious kind."

He posted beautiful images (his own work of art) and asked people to write anything about how the images made them feel. I submitted two entries and looked forward to more challenges from Mama Cris. There'll be none after this... But got the message, loud and clear... Be inspired.

I shall never stop writing.

My submission:

In the traffic jam of our past.
Your constant reminder
As the years went by
"it's not the destination that matters,
it's the trip that counts"
We made it, I was told.
Now I'm stuck,
In the traffic jam of the present.
Watching us grow apart.

My submission:

I could have sworn,
I was once beautiful.
I was the temple you worshipped.
The nation you conquered with your juvenile wars.
Please help me remember What you've chosen to forget.
I was once beautiful.

Archived for Life

Lethargic Tambay

 April 2008. Malate. Nope, no dancing, no rowdy mob. We made fun of it, but loved it just the same --- lethargic tambay brought to you by Mama Cris. I hate it that we only did this once. And that when we do it again, he'll only make fun of us (call us names) from heaven. It will take a while to say goodbye.

This pair

... brought Madonna to my life
.... wow-ed me with their passion for movies and books (without being intellectual snobs)
... taught me the best lesson in love: nagmahal ka na anak, itodo mo na
... made me want to become a better woman
... made me feel beautiful
... believes in my writing and poetry, and therefore calls me by my most coveted title, Writer
... called me Trudis Liit
... gave me the Witty Awards
... made me laugh with their "lethargic meets flamboyant" exchanges
... were the best mothers any daughter could ask for


 But one of them had to say goodbye yesterday.

"Later that year, at the turn of spring, 
Heaven sent angels down and gave Grandma her wings. 
Now, she's flying, and sliding, and gliding 
In better days"

Bye, Mama Cris.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday, 3AM. Sigh.

Completely my fault.

Why must The Block visit during performance review season?

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