Saturday, October 15, 2011

1 Week With TLO

It's been seven days since The Little One (TLO) started living with us. We are very very happy.

I am challenged to sustain the excitement and lifestyle. With TLO and the Nanny in the house, we have to make sure that I work the graveyard shift (9PM-6AM or 10PM-7AM). The hubby, on the other hand, needs to be sure that he's home early. He had to say goodbye to extended shifts. This is the only way for TLO to NOT have an "alone" moment with the Nanny. We like the nanny, we just don't want TLO to go through the "trauma" of being left alone with a "stranger."

Aside from work schedule adjustments and commitments, we also have to make sure that there's always food on the table. We don't want TLO and the nanny to be hungry. For me, that means I have to cook before and after work. It also means that the probability of getting burns and wounds from food prep have gone on an all-time high. I have to be more careful.

We feel like real parents now. Anyone who wants to rain on this beautiful parade can fuck off. Yes, such a person exists.

Friday, October 14, 2011

For Burning Indeed


"What are fingers for?"

For Marco Pierre White, you are not trying hard enough if you've never burned your finger/s.

I have hot oil burns (from frying, etc.) in my fingers, hands, arms, neck, leg, toes and cleavage.

I have an "ice cut" in my index finger. Who would've thought? Was getting ice cubes for juice when my finger had "an encounter" with the sharp edge of a cute ice cube.

While turning a block of ice into cute pieces that will fit in a pretty glass, I hit my left palm with the sharp pointed end of a knife. Gave myself a stab wound.

I have at least three wounds from doing the laundry.

So, am I trying hard enough? Or am I too lousy to be in the kitchen?

Nah. I like it there. Who cares if I fry my thumb next time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

In what culture is this attire acceptable for work?

RCBC Plaza (Drop Off point, smoking area)
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I lay no claim on power dressing. If it weren't for the company dress code, I'll come to work in jeans and shirts E V E R Y D A Y. But this girl made me feel the urge to call John Robert Powers... ewww for me wanting to make that phone call. Can't see it here but her make-up's two-inch thick. The colors match poles and cages on a stage. Her hair, that day, was a tribute to Pamela Anderson.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Very Special Evening

There was a party at the rooftop last night. According to the Nanny, it was an Engagement-Birthday party.

When I went up for my usual yosi break, I saw empty glasses and bottles with water --- apparently, they were used as table centerpieces (is that a word?). There were candles and orange ribbons tied to almost everything.

I love the creativity and the romance (just imagining it) behind the concept. I'm thinking that yellow and orange are the favorite colors of the bride-to-be. Yellow Bell is possibly her favorite color. And her fiance may have worked with her (and their) friends for the surprise.

I saw empty tetra packs of commercial fruit juice. The night before, we saw hotdog with marshmallows on stick (typical Filipino pica-pica) and spaghetti. It was definitely an event "on a budget." News has it that they spent most on the Videoke machine that they didn't get to use because it rained the whole day.

But imagine. Stars, skies, breeze, flowers, candles, friends giggling to sight of the engagement ring (actually heard that).

I wouldn't want it any other way.

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