Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Time in Boracay: It rained and so...

What do they say about idle minds? It rained the entire day when we're supposed to be having fun. After an entire day of wishing, and praying, and hoping for the sun to show up, there was nothing left to do but walk, walk, walk... And then we chanced upon this ginormous piece of entertainment courtesy of Sandugo Footwear.

For as long as we're together, nothing can - and will - ever rain on our parade.

Friday, February 17, 2012

First Time in Boracay: Business/Hobby Concept

These are key chains, bracelets and pens. The souvenir shops in D'Mall are smart enough to recognize that human beings are drawn to anything "personalized." Nothing new really... any tourist destination offers "personalized" merchandise. I just found heir products and tools (something that looks like special syringe is used for painting) extra-special.


I found the artistry and the business concept amazinggg... I was inspired. However, I don't have the time nor the funds to do this right now so just allow me to share some of my thoughts...this is for the benefit of those that are planning tot up their own business. 

Invest in equipment, artists, suppliers and designs. Then:

1. Set-up booths in malls or any strategic location where people can have their choice of merchandise "painted"
2. Aside from #1 --- for an extra charge, give customers the option to make/paint their own design
3. Aside from #1 and #2 - make your "booth" mobile and charge for setting-up in weddings, birthday parties company events, etc. (parang Photo Booth)
4. Accept orders for souvenir items (special events)

Then hire me please? I can't quit my job so I can't go full-time. But I can do this every weekend, or as needed (just give advance notice). Train me for a month and I'll be your most passionate, diligent and dedicated staff. I won't even take it against you that you stole the business concept from my blog. I will be flattered. That's all there is to it. And happy.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

E is for Engaged

Seven years ago, naitapon ako sa isang account. Nalayo sa aking frends since birth sa dating employer. Noong mga panahong iyon, biniyayaan ako ng bagong frends. Si Rotrot, si Pahina, si Falgui at si E.T. (itago natin yan). Looking back, narealize ko lang, magaling ang weaving skills ni Papa G. Pare-pareho ang kulay ng angas naming lima. Wasak, dapa sa lalake (ok babae for Pahina and si Rotrot happy naman that time). Vicious cycles. Neverending. Hopelessly devoted shet.

Kani-kanina lang, isang masayang balita ang dumating. Tungkol ito kay E.T. Saka na ang update sa iba pang ladies. Pero bago ang lahat, balikan muna natin how life was like for the little big girl back then.

... Breadwinner si miyemst
... Pinapaaral ni miyemst ang kanyang little brother
... F na F niya ang love for her college sweetheart-boyfriend-med school student
... F na F ni boyfriend ang pagiging med school student at pogi
... Neglected forever si miyemst dahil nag-aaral daw mabuti ang biik
... So many years in the relationship, no plans

Over smoking and drinking sessions, we were together in the roller coaster ride. Iiiyak. Biglang, uy sweet siya ngayon. Uy, nagkita kami sa burol ni lola... Magagalit... Iiyak... Kikiligin ulit.

Then she made a decision. Tama na, sobra na, palitan na. I admired her for the big move to regain control of her life. Malas talaga yata si ex-bf dahil mula noon, tuloy tuloy na ang masasayang update.

... Nakagraduate na si little brother
... May katuwang na si E.T. sa mga gastos
... Nakalayas na si miyemst sa call center industryyyy!
... Dinalaw na siya ulit ng pag-ibig

And last night....a wedding proposal in a valentines dinner cruise.

Congratulations miyemst. Well deserved ang lahat ng ito dahil mabuti kang tao. Magagalitin ka lang pero busilak pa rin. Haha! I never stopped following your "life" parang stalker lang. We were together in one common place and time (phases in our lives) and I will always remember that we were once life travel buddies.

P.S. Favorite memory ko pa rin ang HCC party that ended in your apartment. Tapos pasok next day, may hangover. Haha!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy hearts

I waited for the day to end, hoping maybe there'd be something special to write about. After all, it's V day. Wives, most if not all, are known to have a big need for everything Hallmark, Walt Disney, Hollywood, etc., on this day.

Gloria, a character from "Modern Family," nailed it when she said... "You had the whole year and you did't prepare anything! I'm the second wife Jay, why are you treating me like the first!?!"

Big day at the grocery. Puregold (Brgy. Singkamas, Makati) had this behind the cashiers' lane.

Big awwwww... stolen from a friend's FB wall. Click on the image to view caption.