Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Thursday (05/03/12), Picnic Day

Fruit and Vegetable Picnic day at the school playground.

TLO with Apple Something on her head (siya nga kaya
ang nagkulay nung apple or inutos na naman sa iba?)

Picnic mat set-up. Kewl.
Kids' assignment - bring fruits and veggies for sharing. Umulan ng prutas.

Chance ko na ito magpa-bibo. Tadaaann!!! Fruit BBQ.

Kainin mo ang gawa ni mommy! Um!

Friday (04/27/12), Swimming Day

A note from Teacher Monique said that the kids were going to have a swimming activity. I got a little worried, thinking that the kids will be going to some sort of out-of-town "field trip" without parents. I was wrong, thank God! The kiddie pools were set-up in the school playground.

One for boys, one for girls (nothing yet for those in between)

Kids LOVE water. This boy couldn't wait for swimming time

TLO and some of her classmates... look at the little girl in skimpy bikini!
TLO, D and Teacher Monique. I am not yet ready for a world where little
girls wear skimpy bikinis. I'm scared.

Sometimes, TLO  turns into someone I don't know... She enjoys her bath time at home but when the activity started, she refused to be in the pool. After several prodding and begging attempts, she agreed to be "in the pool" but she just stayed in one place. She didn't play with the rest of the girls. I have to admit that her "uniqueness" could sometimes suck the life out of me.

Teacher Monique trying to convince TLO to play
After almost 30 minutes of playing barnacle to her side of the pool,
 TLO started moving! She attempted to "play" with some of the girls too. 
Just like DIESEL I guess... warm-up period's required?
She's the last girl standing.. in the pool.