Saturday, October 01, 2011

Remember, remember, the first of October

Oh what a busy day!
  • 10AM - pick-up nanny from the agency
  • 10AM to 1230PM - SM Hypermart for nanny stuff (plastic cabinet/organizer, folding bed, mattress, blanket, pillow and toiletries basket and soap dish) and the much-awaited book shelf!
  • 1230 PM to 145PM - in transit. Makati to Quezon City (get The Little One from parents' home) then Quezon City to Makati for TLO's session.
  • 2PM to 3PM - TLO's third session with Teacher Mark
  • 3PM to 6PM - rest (sigh!)
  • 6PM to 7PM - off to the market with nanny
  • 7PM to 8PM - cook dinner (Ginataang Gulay with fried fish - hope to write about cooking soon)
  • 8PM to almost 10PM - nanny dinner, then with hubby
  • 10PM - sweet sleeping with TLO and hubby

Original image is from here, digital magic is mine

Promising, hectic and fun. Thank you to the hubby for keeping me calm and for all the support. I am prone to anxiety attacks but his comforting presence keeps me sane. He's my sweet concoction of Valium and Prozac. TLO is the Goddess of Hope and Light. It's sunny out here!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Yaya's Coming!

Our search for The Little One (TLO)'s nanny has been painfully happening for almost two years. We were convinced, through horror stories, that getting one from an agency is not an option so we patiently waited for referrals. Unfortunately, all our attempts failed. We got to second base (eeek) with three: we were able to talk to them for their sweet "yes, hire me." All these women ditched us after a day or two of commitment. And they didn't even tell us. They just stopped answering our calls.

After the third failed attempt (09/21/11), we decided to give the "agency route" a try. Some moms from online communities actually recommend agencies so it felt like it may work. The forum that I joined, however, did not allow posting contact details. I sent a private message to one of the members but I never received a reply.

Two years of frustration, working parents' blue balls and a deep longing to live with our daughter led to me to Google. And I found this:
CHERRYLAND MANPOWER SERVICES located in Barangay Palanan, Makati City is a local Agency which provides Domestic Workers like; Babysitter/Yaya, Maid, Sales Staff, Driver, Messenger, Office Helper/Boy, etc. to our valued Filipino and Foreign national Employer/s here in Metro Manila and nearby provinces- Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan.

For more details, please call 5504349 or text CP 0929-2783922. We are registered at Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) with PRPA License No. M-10-02-249.
I called Cherryland two days ago. And tomorrow, we're meeting our yaya.

Thankyousupermuch Big Boss up there!

And if you're reading this entry, please pray for things to work out.

May this be a great move for all parties involved. Amen.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I love his job

I like working with my hands. I love it when the output is clearly seen after investing time on a task. That's why I love his job. Although with my limited arm length and vertical challenge, it may take a day for me to finish what he's able to do in an hour.

RCBC Plaza (Smoking Area)
Photo taken last 09/24/11 08:13 AM
Camera Phone, Samsung GT-B7320

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're done with FRIENDS

Finally, we finished watching 10 seasons of FRIENDS. Yeah!!!

Here are a few realizations... they won't mean a thing if you don't know anything about FRIENDS.
  • When "in love," I'm Ross
  • When I'm with people I trust, I am Phoebe
  • At work, I am Monica
  • On the subject of "weddings" or "wedding proposals," I am Rachel
  • I married Chandler
  • In real life, I will never ever be able to be friends with Joey. He makes me laugh. Nothing else follows.