Friday, June 15, 2012


Nagising akong takam na takam sumulat ng dula. Nilalaro ko sa isip ko ang eksena. Maya-maya, may luha na. Drama pala. Hanggang naisip ko. Ay tang 'na, mali. Hindi dula ang gusto kong isulat. Buhay ko.


Bye, 20 lbs

I started seriously thinking about losing weight sometime in November 2011. I was at 180lbs. I started walking (even blogged all my anti-baboy chronicles in this blog).

I weighed myself a few minutes ago and was pleased to finally see some results. I lost 20lbs. Disclaimer, disclaimer.. bathroom scale may be busted. But what the heck, I'm claiming this little joy today.

Last night, someone --- not my husband nor creepy man/men on the street --- made one of my little vanity-dreams come to life. I wore something special to work and he said... wow, you're hot!

You see, I always get compliments for being cute, kind, warm, funny, nice, smart, understanding, etc. But never HOT. I was the happiest fat lady in the world.

Ok, back to reality. I seriously need to go back to fat burning.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"All things bright and beautiful"
Art Director: Rain, Mother Nature
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Flowers for J

One of the things that I learned, over so many years of dealing with elusive dreams, is this: you need to celebrate when your dreams become realities for other people. Why? I don't know. It just feels so much better compared to moping and sulking... Way better than being jealous.

So when I got invited to J's show, I got her a bouquet of roses. Aside from the fact that I'm happy about J conquering her fear of singing/acting in front of an audience, I gave her flowers because it's how I've imagined the scene in my head (with me as the recipient of course!) - countless number of times. I know it will make her smile.

I may not have gone through any theater workshop, I may not have performed on stage... but someone I know just did. I got first-hand accounts of bliss. That's enough reason to be happy.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TLO's first day in Pre-School

Rain was pretty bad but it didn't do anything to the first day funk! After weeks of thinking (to enroll or not to enroll) and waiting, it finally happened. Presenting, TLO's first day in Pre-Nursery.

Nope, Teddy can't be with you in school. 

Door said..."Come on in for a bushel of fun." Who uses the word "bushel" these days?

Lots of apples in a basket... cute kids... but we know who's our star.
Eager parents, not allowed inside. :(

Facebook post: First day in pre-nursery and our little girl showed, of all things, classroom management skills. She's always at the teacher's table and walking around, checking how everyone else is doing. All good, if she's working on her assignment too. But no, she's just having too much fun to care. I'm scared.

Teacher's table, not yours.

Not yours, ok? TLO being dragged (haha!) away from the teacher's table.

A few progress notes... compared to her playschool days, she's more:
  • Participative - she clapped her hands after some action songs were played
  • Interactive - I saw her "talking" to some classmates using "gestures"
  • Assertive - she used to just wait for her teacher/teaching assistants to give her toys... now she gets toys from the box! 

TLO Report: For parents going through a special adventure....

image is from this page

If this is your first time in this blog, you may not know yet that TLO (The Little One) has a special condition. She was born with a cleft palate, cleft not lips so you really won't see any signs. You won't know that she went through two cleft palate surgeries - one when she was six months old, next one three months after... This condition led to speech delay. At three years old, she can only makes sounds and uses "gestures" to communicate her needs. She has yet to speak her first word.

TLO goes to occupational therapy twice a week.  She actually needs to go through speech therapy but her disposition and attitude (ehem... problem?) are not YET optimal for learning... she can't sit in place for extended periods of time. She's also not the most cooperative learner we know.

Her developmental pediatrician, Dr. Francis Dimalanta, on our first visit, said that the more affordable solution to making TLO speak is to make her a lifetime companion. A younger brother/sister. Nope, not doing that. Not yet. But we believed that she needed to be around children. The Hubby's officemate also shared a success story about her son... he started talking a couple of weeks after going to playschool. It seems that the "peer pressure" from classmates pushes kids to act/speak the way they do. So we enrolled TLO in playschool.

TLO's summer playschool adventure ended last May. She's not yet talking but we noticed that she loved being in school. She's a lurker. She just loves to watch. She rarely participates. One time though, I caught her doing the action songs steps in the bedroom. That assured me that she's learning... I just don't understand why she won't do it in class. One of the great things that we learned about TLO, in the playschool adventure, is that she's an independent kid. She never cried even after parents were no longer allowed to enter the classroom. She just sits quietly. Looking, looking and looking. 

TLO's Occupational Therapist, Teacher Mark, noted a lot of improvements in TLO's attitude (she started last October 2011). She's more cooperative during her sessions and she's now able to complete table-top activities for extended periods of time. She even survives two-hour sessions without crying or losing focus in all her assigned "tasks." Great news is, and as also recommended by her dev pedia, she can start her speech therapy sessions next week.

On to the subject of continuing in school... this is where we decided to go against doctor's orders. TLO's devped feels that she's not yet ready for school. He said that if we really want to enroll her in school, it should be in SPED (Special Education) classes. Unfortunately, there are no SPED schools in Makati. We'd have to live with travel time (an hour max) if we want to put her to SPED. Aside from travel time, his concern was primarily funds. Given TLO's condition, he felt that we won't be getting our money's worth if we sent her to a regular school. 

In the end, we made the decision. Our priority is not education. We just want TLO to be with children her age. It's social interaction that we want for her... some sense of routine too... more than anything else.

So we enrolled TLO in pre-nursery. Good thing the school agreed to take her in despite K12's age requirement - she should be in senior nursery given her age. 

School started today. Busy days are up for our little girl. She'll be in school from Monday-Friday, 10AM-12PM. She'll be in Occupational Therapy sessions every Friday and Saturday, 1PM. And she'll start with her Speech Therapy next week, Mondays at 1PM.

Please pray for TLO to find her voice. :) 

I lovingly dedicate this entry to all moms and dads out there who are also going through a special adventure with their kids. We just need to be patient, hopeful and... earn as much as we can to support our children's needs. Here's a summary of all the contact info of TLO's schools:

TLO's Occupational Therapist: Teacher Mark Rayos Del Sol

Address: 1655 Peñafrancia St., Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City 
Phone Number: 896-5195
Google Map: Click here

TLO's Teacher: Teacher Monique Cunanan
Address: 1887 Milagros St., Santiago Village, Makati City
Telephone Numbers: 890-2474 and 895-2389
Google Map: Click here

Development Pedia: Dr. Francis Dimalanta
Medical Arts Building Suite 805, St. Luke's Global City
789-7700 loc 7805

I need space, and more soil

In June 2011...

In February 2012...

And just this morning... to think I was worried about growing Aloe Vera the first time...

Ang taray ni Orlando...


Bong and I (2007)
Halos lahat ng babae sa angkan ng nanay ko ay matataba. Kung hindi mataba, may topak. 'Ung iba, mataba na, may topak pa. Kaya masaya. Magulo. Laging may drama.
Dahil kabilang ako sa mga babae sa pamilya, hindi ako ligtas sa sumpa nang pagtaba. I had my share of unwanted pounds for years. Nang nagsimula akong mag-dalaga hanggang sa late adolescence, I never developed the love for fashion. Kapag mataba ka, ubusin mo ang pera mo sa pagkain. Saka na ang damit. Pero OK lang naman. Fashion is only secondary, if not last, in this world. Mabubuhay at tatalino ka pa rin naman.
Pero it doesn't change the fact na nasa lahi pa rin namin ang matataba.
Kapag piesta o may okasyon sa probinsya, walang tigil ang mga pinsan, tiyahin at tiyuhin ko sa paglantak ng mga ulam na nag-uumapaw sa sebo at mantika. May isa akong tiyuhin na isa sa mga negosyo ay ang mag-lechon ng baboy tuwing Sabado't Linggo. Dumating na ako sa puntong pinagsawaan ko na ang Lechong Baboy. Pero kahit sawa ka na'y hindi mo pa rin mahi-hindi-an ang kulay at amoy ng malutong na balat sa likod nito.
Ang nakakapagtaka nga lang, tanging lola ko lang ang hindi tumaba sa amin. Oh well, siya 'un 'e. Baka nakuha namin ito sa lahi ng lolo ko.
Kaya ayun, there's nothing I can do about it. It's genetic. It's tradition. There's no escape.
Sino bang hindi mahilig kumain? Sabi nga ng Science teacher namin nung Elementary, "kung ang gasolina ay sa kotse, ang pagkain ay sa tao."
It is something to live for – kaya tayo nagta-trabaho; to die for – kaya tayo may kung anu-anong sakit.
At malakas ako sa kanin. Kasi naman, lumaki kaming kailangang walang natitira sa plato. Sinigurado ni nanay noon na ubos hanggang kahuli-huliang butil ng kanin. Isa pa, sa kakuriputan ng nanay ko, kadalasa'y dadalwang gilit ng karne ng Sinigang ang napagsasaluhan namin ni Arvin. Isang kapirangot na karne noon ay sinasabayan namin ng limang subo ng kanin.
Kaya naman lumaki akong malakas sa bigas. Lagi akong naka extra rice. Masarap ang kanin, aminin mo. Yan ang nagpapabusog sa kumakaing Pinoy!
Sino bang hindi. Kaya tayo nagta-trabaho, para huwag magutom. Kaya kahit hindi pa kumukulo ang tiyan ko, nakabantay na ako sa ref namin.
Just in case.
Kalokohan noon, para sa akin,  ang pag-ji-gym. Gagastos ka rin lang, sa libro at sine na, at hindi sa mga bagay na magpapahirap sa'yo. Marami akong kilalang pumayat sa gym. Pero mas maraming akong kilala na tumaba uli noong tumigil sila.
Kalokohan ang pag-ji-gym. Noon 'un.
Sex aside, lahat na ng pwedeng gawin na nakahiga, ay nagawa ko na. Magbasa, kumain, manood ng TV, tumunganga, mag-crossword puzzle, mag-blog (kaya marami akong typos) at mag-Tetris (tanda mo 'un?).
Walang kasing sarap ang humiga matapos kumain. May isang bagay sa kanin (sugar) na nag-ti-trigger ng antok at lampa sa katawan mo, that makes you feel like you'd like to sleep or at least lie down. Hindi ako lumalaban doon.
Mid-2007, I was diagnosed with hypertension. Mataas na rin ang sugar level ko. I was not getting any younger, and I was at 210 pounds.
I was 45 pounds overweight!
Isa pa, mahalaga sa akin ang confidence ko. Humaharap ako sa iba't ibang tao at minsan, naisip kong I'd be more confident if I'd be able to play with style and looks. Labanan ko man ang sistemang komersyal, wala na rin akong magagawa. Thin is in. Bulk is out. Umamin ka!
Kaya noong 2007, sa tulong ni nanay, nag-South Beach Diet ako. Pinahiram ako ni Nadia ng libro on South Beach. I didn't just read it; I devoured it. Si Hazel naman, binigyan ako ng Pinoy South Beach Diet Plan. Mas madaling gawin dahil puro Pinoy recipes.
After a three months of faithfully doing SBD, I lost 39 pounds. From 210, nag-171 pounds ako.
This was me in 2008.
Take note: walang work-out, work-out yan, ah? Remember? Hindi ako naniniwala sa gym!
Me (2008)
Na-achieve ko na ang goal ko: ang pumayat. Tama na 'un. Ok na. Isa pa, si nanay, nagsimulang ma-paranoid: "Orlando! Ampayat mo na! Baka magkasakit ka n'yan."
"Hindi ka lang sanay, 'nay!"
"Kumain ka na uli ng marami. Ok na yan. Di na yan babalik."
At dahil masunurin akong anak, kumain uli ako tulad ng dati.
The problem was, I was already addicted to bad carbohydrates when the pounds started coming back.
"Mas gusto ko yan be," sabi sa akin ni Syme noon. "Mas gusto kong mataba ka, para di ka nagloloko!"
At dahil masunurin akong boyfriend, kumain uli ako ng kumain.
While I was gaining weight I started asking people for confirmation: "Mataba na ba 'ko uli?"
"Hindi, Orly. Matangkad ka naman. Bagay lang sa'yo," ang kadalasang response.
At dahil masunurin akong kaibigan, kumain pa ako lalo. Pati ibang tao, inaagawan ko ng pagkain.
Cloud and I (2009)
The thing about the South Beach Diet is that all the pounds you've lost will not come back easily when you go back to regular eating habits. Totoong nawala ang mga taba ko noon, and it took a while before I started gaining again.
During those years, I started gaining back to my initial weight in 2007. Actually I went beyond! By November 2010, I was at 125 pounds; 10 pounds heavier than my initial weight of 215 in 2007.
Ayaw n'yong maniwala? Eto.
Me from 2008 to 2010
Tumaba ako uli. At higit pa. Hindi ako masaya. Lagi akong lugmo, tinatamad, nahihiya. Yan ang buhay ko noon.
Pero kain pa rin ako ng kain.
I was once again diagnosed with Hypertension. Mataas na naman ang blood sugar ko. Overweight daw ako, sabi ng company doctor namin. Actually, lahat naman sa opisina namin ay sinasabihan n'yang overweight. Wala na ata siyang ibang masabing alam n'ya. But that's another issue. This is my story. Not hers. Besides, I don't go to her anymore. #imbey.
It was until nanay and I decided that we consider South Beach Diet again. Sabay kami this time. She needs to manage her sugar too, and it will be a great to have a support team.
At that time of the year, nagkaroon din ng Biggest Loser challenge sa office. Umabot hanggang 30K ang price.
I've done it before. I was sure I can lose those pounds again.
All the motivations were in. All I needed to do was to take on the challenge.
On the first week of January 2011, nanay and I went on the SBD's First Phase (again).
On May 2011, I enrolled in Fitness First (RCBC). Since I already lost 36 pounds from SBD, and was already eating good carbohydrates, I can finally continue my program by doing extra cardio and resistance training.
Bong and I went to Boracay last May. Sabi ko kay Bong, eto na ang panahon para magka-alaman kung sino ang tunay na may ganda!
Boracay, 2012
Eto pa.
Boracay, 2012
I began uploading the pictures a few weeks after our trip to Boracay. Hindi para magyabang, promise. Para mag-share lang ng mga photos.
I was overwhelmed by the reactions from the FB friends. I never thought that I'd get such favorable responses from them!
You see, I didn't go through the weight loss program for other people. I did it for myself. I did it, for health reasons and also for my own confidence.
But I must say, that the kind of response from friends is the cherry on top!
Payat na ako uli. But I still go to the gym. If you'd ask me if I'm still on South Beach, hindi na. Kinakain ko na ang lahat ng gusto kong kainin. (O, wag madumi ang isip!) But I'm maintaining my weight, because I religiously burn those calories immediately.
Totoo. Nakakatulong ang pagwo-work out.
Me (June, 2012)
'Di ko gustong maging bato-bato. Wala pa naman sa plano ko ang maging macho dancer. Isa pa, bakla ako. Aanhin ko ang muscles? Saka na, kapag contruction worker na ako.
It is still a work in progress. I'm at 173 pounds now. Medyo tumataas ang timbang ko dahil sa mass, pero ok lang. Nasusuot ko ang mga gusto kong isuot. But there are still flabs that are still to be toned.
I started helping other people in their weight loss programs, as well. May mga kaibigan na rin akong nagsisimulang mawalan ng mga beer bellies and it serves as an additional inspiration for me.
If you'd like to have a copy of the Pinoy South Beach Diet that I used in 2008 and 2011, just let me know. You can shoot me an email at and I'd send you a PDF copy the soonest.
Because whenever you help others, you can't help helping yourself, diba?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The irony of life... A is one of them unique women strain who cringes at the thought of weddings and kids. Last year, her friend --- same strain --- got a wedding proposal in Singapore. Beautiful wedding followed... A few minutes ago... I saw this. I'm very happy for A. 

Wedding proposal in Guimaras. Champagne. Flowers. Beach. Engagement Ring. All photos in FB.


Before I die, the only thing that I want to understand is this... why do some women get the best wedding-related deals while some just get husbands? And why does it happen to women who are "not so into" weddings?

I need a little discipline

Image is from here

I haven't done any form of exercise since I posted this. Well, the walking to/from work never stopped but jogging/running did. I have a major demotivating thought that I need to conquer. One day, I just woke up feeling life's not fair. I'm doing everything that I can to lose weight, while the people I hate don't even care about their... shortcomings. Genetics or otherwise.

I am itching to enroll in Zumba lessons. But that's only because there are no affordable ashtanga yoga classes within the area.

I am craving books. And the sketch pad's calling me.

I also want to do some serious cleaning and organizing at home.

The Little One's starting pre-nursery tomorrow. I'm hoping to be a good teacher at home.. and Hubby's birthday is 7 days from today.

I don't know where to start nor stop.

It's a good problem to have, I know. Do I need another Gantt Chart now?