Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TLO's first day in Pre-School

Rain was pretty bad but it didn't do anything to the first day funk! After weeks of thinking (to enroll or not to enroll) and waiting, it finally happened. Presenting, TLO's first day in Pre-Nursery.

Nope, Teddy can't be with you in school. 

Door said..."Come on in for a bushel of fun." Who uses the word "bushel" these days?

Lots of apples in a basket... cute kids... but we know who's our star.
Eager parents, not allowed inside. :(

Facebook post: First day in pre-nursery and our little girl showed, of all things, classroom management skills. She's always at the teacher's table and walking around, checking how everyone else is doing. All good, if she's working on her assignment too. But no, she's just having too much fun to care. I'm scared.

Teacher's table, not yours.

Not yours, ok? TLO being dragged (haha!) away from the teacher's table.

A few progress notes... compared to her playschool days, she's more:
  • Participative - she clapped her hands after some action songs were played
  • Interactive - I saw her "talking" to some classmates using "gestures"
  • Assertive - she used to just wait for her teacher/teaching assistants to give her toys... now she gets toys from the box! 

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