Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why God, Why?

Naalala ko pa ang mga panahong lahat ng angst sa buhay eh binabato ko sa Kanya. Naging agnostic, naging atheist... Hanggang nagbalik.Habang nilalantakan ko ang masarap na regalong cookies ni Ms. Inah, napansin kong nagbago na nga yata ako. Apat kasi ang laman ng isang balot. Lahat masarap, pero yung isa may pasas. Di ko talaga kayang kainin. Eh ang sarap, bitin.

After almost 6 years, kinuwestyon ko siya ulit. Pero hindi na tungkol sa trahedya, o kahirapan, o deformed na mga tao. Simple lang... Bakit kailangang maimbento ang pasas? Bakit?

Fever can't be cool

Kung kelan Pasko na, saka naman nilagnat si TLO. :(

Christmas is cancelled pag di siya gumaling agad.

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Team Mates

Posted without prior approval. Therefore, no names.

Introducing, the people in my neighborhood.

 Photos grabbed from FB.
Lay-out done in MS PowerPoint
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

TLO Newsflash

Akala ko naiwan kong bukas ang laptop, binuksan pala ng maliit na tao, by herself.

~Witnessed and reported by Ate J.

Isaw Overload

This is just a two-minute walk away from the office. Been hearing good reviews from Zhailyn and Kleyr about it - especially about the kebabs. We didn't know that it's only open from Wednesday until Friday (9PM-AM) so last Tuesday, team mates and I went hunting and gathering for good food only to end up in  McDonald's PeopleSupport. Haha!

Image is from here. Read more about Distrito from this site.

We were successful last night. As per Steph - FULLFILLED. Full na, fulfilled pa. Lalo na ako.
  • 2 Isaw Manok
  • 2 Isaw Baboy
  • 1 Balat
  • 1 Betamax
  • 1 Rice
With gigantic servings, di na masakit sa bulsa ang PhP180.00 pero sakit sa puso, di pa sure. The overload gave me a nasty tummy for almost two hours. I don't think I'll have isaw for the next six months.

Creepy thought. The bbq booths are near Makati Med's exit where I once saw a dead patient being wheeled out.

Kebs. Yum!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit - Now Showing (Sa Aking Tindahan)

With two major projects completed and two new shining, shimmering, splendid team mates helping out will classes, it finally felt like Christmas in my workstation. Umabot pa sa laptop. Parol kung parol! Of course, the gifts helped change the mood too. I am blessed.

Ang layo ng ganitong tanawin sa mood nitong entry na ito.

A Krampus Carol by Anthony Bourdain

The minds of the men I like... amazing.

...Read more about this here.

I love Zhai

Walang kaabog-abog, bigla na lang. May bumwisit na naman siguro kay Zhailyn.

"Like 7 inches from the midday sun"

Last post was from a drama queen. This one's from a hornball.

God, he's hot.

And so this must end with a hot tango, swing, salsa fantasy. Haha!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kept Woman

People will believe what they want to believe. I believe that my husband won't invite me to their company-sponsored parties because he's ashamed of me and my:

1) obesity
2) messy hair
3) unsophisticated demeanor
4) line of work - call center industry

I cried over this nagging feeling for the past three nights and mornings. He will most likely disagree and feel offended by this entry. But I need the release and I really don't care at this point because I am hurt and I'm not yet great at pretending everything's ok. More importantly, I hate being lied to. This is strike 2 on the same topic.

I am terribly angry and sad but life goes on. There are bills to pay, meals to cook and chores to finish.

Life goes on for the fugly wife.

The Fat One after all the effort to look good - make-up accessories, etc. - still Ms. Piggy.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bless this mess

Government takeover. TLO (The Little One) is President of our home.

I'm Back

Stopped blogging but never stopped cooking. This rainy Sunday is all about good food, good OPM (Original Pinoy Music) and stable internet connection.

This is lunch!

Tinolang Tahong (Mussell Soup) with Pritong Galunggong (Fried Mackarel Scad).

Finally got to Google the English translation for Galunggong. Love it!