Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Time in Boracay: Air, Land, Water Travel

We've heard and read about so many scary stories about ZestAir but we still flew with them because of the rates. Notes for our flight from Manila to Kalibo International Airport (7:50AM):

  • Loved the orange-green color theme on the plane and the flight attendants' uniforms
  • Pleasant surprise: we left 10 minutes before schedule... would have left earlier if this one last passenger took the check-in-two-hours-before-ETD rule seriously.
  • Terrible surprise: I'm practically a midget, towering at 4'11'' but still ---- there wasn't enough legroom. An airconditioned bus in EDSA is more comfy.
  • One of the flight attendants looked like a Chinese doll (did not pass quality check) and acted like a jail warden. She just reminded me to put my little bag under my seat and close the thing on the window and I wanted to slap her in the face. That's how repulsive it/she was.

And here's the customary "before boarding" photo. I love the new camera... you can even see where the sunlight's coming from.

Now, these are the customary "we just landed in another planet" photos:

It's our first time in Boracay so it took a while before we figured out that entry from Kalibo International Airport was not one of the best travel decisions we ever made. We were in van for almost two hours. The land travel was followed by a 15-minute boat ride.

In summary, our Amazing race route:
  • Air - Plane, Manila to Kalibo - 1 hr
  • Land - Van, Kalibo International Airport to Port Area - 2 hrs
  • Water - Motor boat, Port Area to another Port - 15 minutes
  • Land - Tricycle, Port to Bulabog Beach - 30 minutes

Lesson Learned: if you have limited time in your hands and you want to be 100% alive by the time you hit the beach,  DON’T FLY MANILA to KALIBO. FLY MANILA to CATICLAN. This minor detail in your travel itinerary will save you at least PhP 200 per head, two hours, energy and good vibes.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Anong student number mo?

Esteemed UP College of Mass Communications Alumni.

I'm 97-XXXXX. But who cares?

Di naman bitter. Napapaisip lang kung darating ang panahon na ang mga ganitong pride collateral ay masasamahan ng:

... YY-XXXXX - full time mom/dad
... YY-XXXXX - stay-at-home wife/husband
 ... YY-XXXXX - call center agent
... YY-XXXXX - call center manager
... YY-XXXXX - editor, corporate world
... YY-XXXXX - transvestite
... YY-XXXXX - small business owner
... YY-XXXXX - OFW, salesperson


Allow me to humiliate myself. From my Stephen Covey account.



Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the discipline

The corporate world can be harsh to the average human being's learning needs. I've come to accept this since 2003. As my appreciation for the science and art of "education" deepened over the years, I've embraced what my former boss and mentor said on several challenging situations: when business needs push you to do anything that you know isn't right, be smart enough to find room to do it for the discipline.

Yes, training is a discipline. What if there's no room ? Then he'd say, to hell with it. And I connect it to another favorite quote: sometimes, you have to make the organization live up to the consequences of its lousy decisions.

Nope. No lousy decisions to date. Just another day of doing it for the discipline.

I love my job. And when there's love, there will always be hate. I just don't care so much about that part.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

On Asking Questions

Wisdom from B1 and Mother D.
  • Huwag magtatanong kung alam mo na ang sagot.
  • Huwag magtatanong kung alam mo na ang sagot dahil hindi ka rin maniniwala kapag iba ang narinig.
  • Huwag magtatanong kung alam mo na ang sagot at hindi mo kayang tanggapin ang kahit anong maririnig.
Wisdom from me (may masabi lang? haha!)
  • Huwag sasagot hangga't kayang magpigil. Mas maigi ang magtanong nang magtanong.
Sabi rin yan ni Socrates.

Monday, February 06, 2012

11 months to go before turnover

Violin Tower's ready for exterior and interior finishing as of 01/19/12.
Images are from

Sunday, February 05, 2012

It needs a name

Yes. We got it.

It just needs a name. I just need to study how to use it. And we're all set.

I hope it stays with us until... TLO's 18th birthday? :D

Thanks for the recommendations. Ampogi!

Hubby's research led us to Mayer Photo in Hidalgo, Quiapo. We checked three other shops... they offered the best deal. The camera came with these goods:  1) 3-year warranty 2) 4G memory card and 3) casing (bag with red lining).

Details here