Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For the discipline

The corporate world can be harsh to the average human being's learning needs. I've come to accept this since 2003. As my appreciation for the science and art of "education" deepened over the years, I've embraced what my former boss and mentor said on several challenging situations: when business needs push you to do anything that you know isn't right, be smart enough to find room to do it for the discipline.

Yes, training is a discipline. What if there's no room ? Then he'd say, to hell with it. And I connect it to another favorite quote: sometimes, you have to make the organization live up to the consequences of its lousy decisions.

Nope. No lousy decisions to date. Just another day of doing it for the discipline.

I love my job. And when there's love, there will always be hate. I just don't care so much about that part.

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