Friday, June 15, 2012

Bye, 20 lbs

I started seriously thinking about losing weight sometime in November 2011. I was at 180lbs. I started walking (even blogged all my anti-baboy chronicles in this blog).

I weighed myself a few minutes ago and was pleased to finally see some results. I lost 20lbs. Disclaimer, disclaimer.. bathroom scale may be busted. But what the heck, I'm claiming this little joy today.

Last night, someone --- not my husband nor creepy man/men on the street --- made one of my little vanity-dreams come to life. I wore something special to work and he said... wow, you're hot!

You see, I always get compliments for being cute, kind, warm, funny, nice, smart, understanding, etc. But never HOT. I was the happiest fat lady in the world.

Ok, back to reality. I seriously need to go back to fat burning.

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