Friday, April 13, 2012

Playschool, Day 1

Photos from TLO's first day in playschool (CLC).

Summarizes TLO's day 1. Watching, staring and staring some more.
Noticed that TLO loves to share. She kept giving her toys to her seat mates.
Most kids ignored TLO's offer for toys, this one was sweet.


TLO's favorite part of the session: story telling time

Kailangang lumapit talaga.

TLO gets easily distracted but she's able to sit through coloring activities

Proud mom. I taught her how to hold pens and crayons... THE RIGHT WAY!

Submitting her artwork to Teacher Monique

Wash hands before recess

TLO's classmates. Don't know their names yet.

This little girl's very cute. Her name's Bhumi.