Monday, April 09, 2012

TLO's 3rd Birthday - Part 2

TLO's 3rd Birthday - Part 1

Crowne Plaza is the company's brand that caters to business travelers. Our business when we checked in was BIRTHDAY PLEASURE. And we were beyond satisfied... can't think of any other word more apt than "overwhelmed" beyond compare. Luxurious and relaxing are close enough, but it was, for the most part... WOW! We spent the first hour in the room just feeling and saying WOW. The little girl was running, rolling, crawling all over the place. We loved it (thanks again to Buffy for the free VIP upgrade!).

Birthday girl inspecting tissue, planning to do her thing...

For women who have an affair with this, you'll love it

Inspecting the swanky shower room

I couldn't help but think... there are no germs in here,
she can play with the phone ok!?!

Love the beds and lighting

Would love to have this chair at home (three!)

My favorite spot

Even when you're happy, you're not supposed to play with the bread knife...

This maybe his favorite spot? With Jakobo.

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