Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This pair

... brought Madonna to my life
.... wow-ed me with their passion for movies and books (without being intellectual snobs)
... taught me the best lesson in love: nagmahal ka na anak, itodo mo na
... made me want to become a better woman
... made me feel beautiful
... believes in my writing and poetry, and therefore calls me by my most coveted title, Writer
... called me Trudis Liit
... gave me the Witty Awards
... made me laugh with their "lethargic meets flamboyant" exchanges
... were the best mothers any daughter could ask for


 But one of them had to say goodbye yesterday.

"Later that year, at the turn of spring, 
Heaven sent angels down and gave Grandma her wings. 
Now, she's flying, and sliding, and gliding 
In better days"

Bye, Mama Cris.

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