Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last Thing He Made Me Do: Be Inspired

"Aside from enjoying the pleasure of creating the images, I've realized a several things in the course of the challenge (it is still ongoing by the way): That one and the same image can evoke different emotions for different people; that people who can put those emotions, whatever they may be, into writing are truly blessed with the gift to inspire and entertain others; that to share that gift freely is grace.

The great Ernest Hemingway could have never been more, to put it bluntly, correct when he said "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." Indeed. But then again, a spark of inspiration would be most helpful in jumpstarting the bleeding. A bleeding of the most glorious kind."

He posted beautiful images (his own work of art) and asked people to write anything about how the images made them feel. I submitted two entries and looked forward to more challenges from Mama Cris. There'll be none after this... But got the message, loud and clear... Be inspired.

I shall never stop writing.

My submission:

In the traffic jam of our past.
Your constant reminder
As the years went by
"it's not the destination that matters,
it's the trip that counts"
We made it, I was told.
Now I'm stuck,
In the traffic jam of the present.
Watching us grow apart.

My submission:

I could have sworn,
I was once beautiful.
I was the temple you worshipped.
The nation you conquered with your juvenile wars.
Please help me remember What you've chosen to forget.
I was once beautiful.

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