Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember these?

For the young(er) ones... did you ever wonder why this is the "save" icon?

It's because of these.... a trip down memory lane for the young-at-heart.

Before the thumb drives of the world were born, we used floppy disks for our thesis, resume (for the first job hunting experience), love letters, songs (we had to rely on splitters to make them fit!), work! I used them until early 2007... and figured it was time to let go when it became next-to-impossible to find an external floppy drive that connects to the more.. ehem... modern PCs!

Photos were taken last October 2011, a year after we finally unpacked our moving-in boxes. The hubby is a neat-freak-pack rat!

My love affair with purple started a looong time ago...

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