Sunday, November 18, 2012

In vino and stuff

I don't drink a lot but when I do, I tend to set high standards of DRUNK.

1. I do not consider myself drunk until I am no longer able to control my limbs and mouth.
2. I am not Yummylicious Drunk if I can still remember things.

I accomplished these things last Thursday evening. Our team had an 8-hr videoke session.

In the company of cool people, I was free to sing, dance and yoga my heart out. It felt like running 5k the morning after. Everything hurt.

As for the parts I don't recall, the hubby was the ever reliable scribe and caring witness.

  • Guards on night duty kept their eyes on us... I kept pushing him away saying "get away from me! I don't know you!!!"
  • I didn't know him because... I was a hermit crab, I said. I was walking sideways with my hands doing the "scissors" move.
  • I also said hi to two teenage boys sitting on the curb.
  • And when we reached the apartment lobby, I wanted to sleep in the lobby entrance.

Now that is Yummylicious drunk! And yes, in vino veritas is still true. Everybody knows that I'm a frustrated stage actress. If you know me well enough, I am a hardcore hermit crab. And if you're my husband, you've probably heard me complain in all forms, fashion and drama that I don't know you anymore. As for saying hi to teenage boys? I really don't know. Maybe that's the nagging desire to feel desired. Or maybe all that drama about falling in love with a boy, wishing he never grew up to be a man.

Whatever it is/was, I had fun. And that's all that matters now. Thanks to my team mates for the wonderful evening. And to the hubby for taking me home. God knows where I would have spent the night if he didn't show up. Where do hermit crabs sleep?

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