Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day in School

Loved the activity in school last Friday, 06/15/12. Dads were invited for a little activity - cap decoration! Kids, me included, loved the arts and crafts supplies! Scrapbooking stickers, glue gun, textile paint! I was in heaven!

I love it that the school supports "family activities." They were also "sensitive" to realities of life... the instructions said that if dads are "not available," any male figure in the child's life can attend.  The activity would not have alienated any kid with separated parents or missing dads or dead dads. :(

It was great seeing dads doing "girly" stuff. I could have sworn I've seen them check out each other's decorations. One dad wouldn't stop adding "stuff" on their caps... until they looked like arts and craft store racks. Competition. Beasts with glue guns. Love!

I just wish they'd schedule these things over the weekend next time... Some parents need to work, you know...

TLO and Dadda working on their project.

Finished products

At the photo booth. Proud of their ouput!


  1. Happy Fathers day to Sherwin :)

    Kat (kule)

  2. Thank you Kat (sanay pa rin akong Kat :D). Hello to Mr. Eman, soon babatiin na rin namin siya ng HFD!