Tuesday, June 19, 2012

SBD - Day 1 Fail

Everything from breakfast until afternoon snack went well... until I started cooking Pancit Canton for the hubby's birthday. I had to "sample the merchandise" given that it's my first time to cook this dish. Sin was further complicated by ice cream and munggo.

Hopefully, today will be better.


  1. hey, let me give you an unsolicited advice. you should get an elliptical trainer instead of relying on SBD. it's roughly the same price as your nokia phone (the one you put beside the steak when you were out of the country). it's a full body equipment and it's famous for being able to provide low impact routines to people who use it. having it at home gets rid of those unexpected pit stops in your routine. you can workout rain or shine. 15 minutes a day is highly achievable. do try it. it's really a small amount in exchange of a healthy life. good luck on your way to weight loss!

  2. Hello Anonymous! Thanks for the advice. Would love to get one if not for three issues: 1) no space at home 2) cost --- that phone's a Nokia C-5, we got it for almost 7K two years ago... we won't be able to get an eliptical trainer with that amount 3) I've come to accept that running is not for me... aiming for yoga now, will post about it soon. Thanks again! I can't believe someone reads this blog. Haha!