Friday, June 22, 2012

Sugar Dadda, Very Sweet

If you don't know it yet... I'm poor. Haha! My impoverished state, as a human being is my fault and lousy choice. But I'm a work in progress, ok?

Anyways, I don't have personal savings. The Hubby and I have a serious commitment to the family's yet-to-be-established riches. Doubla haha! Our salaries are spent on bills and savings. We get payday allowances for food and transportation (for work). That's it. Everything else goes to our joint savings.

Despite my poverty, I have worldly wants. I get obsessed, once in a while, with things/activities. These "wants" of course, require financing. And I'm writing this post today to express my deepest gratitude to The Hubby for being supportive and for allowing my obsessions to be financed by the conjugal savings --- family riches. Haha again!

These are some of the many things - episodes in my life - he supported:
  • Nail Polish Episode - used to have 20 colors in my cabinet... approx. PhP40-50 per bottle. Episode ended because I could not, for the life of me, learn how to paint my right hand fingernails using my left hand. He'd help sometimes, but my nails end up looking like a Van Gogh painting. Go figure.
  • Gardening Episode - soil, plants, flower pots, plant box, daily watering... this is still ongoing. He's just not giving in to more plants acquisition because of serious space issues.
  • Hair Coloring (Salon) Episode - how many hubbies take their wives to the salon for hair color? Awwww... Oh but this has ended. I'm back to coloring my own hair. He still supports the hair color though.
  • Need New Shoes Episode - happens, if I'm not mistaken, at least twice a year. He's been encouraging me to start investing in "branded" shoes - for long shoe life. But I still like the "made in Korea" ones. Those that you can purchase for less than PhP400 per pair. 
  • Walking/Jogging Episode - still ongoing but the big purchase was made sometime in May. If I didn't have a financial conscience, he would have gotten me to say yes to a really "expensive" pair. He got me my first sports bra (and was pushing for more!) and running skirt.
  • South Beach Diet Episode - started pretty recently. He said yes to all the additional expenses for vegies and spam.

And yesterday... he enrolled me in Yoga classes. Ahiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....

I am very blessed. I just hope I could return the favor/s someday...  Ang mahal naman kasi ng gusto niyang bike at telescope. Hayaan mo Dadda,  yayaman din ako!

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  1. Yoga? Good! I suggest though that you avoid doing yoga during the First Phase of SBD. It'll only make you feel hungrier and might not be good for you, since you have have cut off sugar and carbs.

    Though yoga will be good during the Second Phase.

    If you want, I have a copy of weigh loss yoga. I can give you a soft copy which you can do even at home.