Monday, July 06, 2015

Gloomy Monday

TLO (The Little One) has yet to say her first word. She is 6 years old. It is depressing for us, but not as frustrating for her, when we don't understand what she's trying to say.

Seven is a critical age for children with Global Development Delay. At this age, the child goes through an assessment that may lead to a final diagnosis of "mental retardation." With only a few months before this big day, her doctor suggested for our family to make a huge sacrifice. She has to stay with her grandparents, in a home where there are more kids and people compared to our own home. Hence the sad arrangement - we only see them (her and TLO#2) from Saturday morning to early Sunday evening.

A couple of weeks ago, she started throwing tantrums when we were about to leave. I couldn't understand what it was about until yesterday. She sobbed quietly when we were saying goodbye. Her courage and pain crushed our hearts. Especially at one point when she thought we were going to take her home with us and she beamed with joy and she started saying goodbye to everyone. It did not help that her brother, the little boy, also started crying. They have learned the pains of goodbye and we were not prepared. They used to not care when our weekly visit came to an end. That hurt too but this new farewell scenario just made us want to change our lifestyle... but can we afford it?

There are a million things to consider. Work, mine and the hubby's, is right in the middle of the messiest mess of our lifetime.

Please pray for miracles to come our way.

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  1. Will keep TLO and your family in my prayers...