Saturday, July 04, 2015

It' been a loooong day.

Worked from 8AM Friday until 12:45AM Saturday. I feel so dirty. This isn't a daily thing. Just one of those special needs type of day. I cannot wait to see the kids.

Anyhoo... I admire people who are able to read in public, like this. You know, just telling the world to shut the fuck up as you swim in words and thoughts. For me, reading is like making love. I cannot handle the idea of being watched while I'm doing it. I shrink when I think about the possibility of other people seeing my face when I get lost and found in a string of words. My exhibitionist tendencies come out when I write (obvious ba?). But maybe I should give it another try. Or maybe I should just let me be. Did you just feel my brain ooze out of my ears? I did. Broth of a post this is.

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