Thursday, July 09, 2015

My Favorite Days

Are Saturdays, Sundays, Non-Working Holidays and and and... Dress Down Days!

Our company has a dress code. Smart/Business (gray areas for me) casual from Mondays to Thursdays and dress down on Fridays and working holidays. For my simple mind, this means no denim jeans, tees and walking/running shoes 80% of the time that I'm working. Now when weather is bad, we get dress down days... in consideration of the perils of commuting in office attire. Like today. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and warm by the way.

I love my job and I love my employer. I will say that over and over and over again. They have given me so much it makes me want to cry everytime I think about it. But I am not crazy about the dress code. I comply in respect of the policy but my entire being is just totally opposed to it. I agree that dress codes bring the perception of credibility and professionalism a notch higher than my flats will ever do. But I don't think that it is necessary for people in jobs that do not require face to face interactions with customers and stakeholders.

I am a knowledge worker.

I can do what's required of me with a laptop, a phone with mute and speaker functions, a reliable headset and a stable internet connection. I can be in a conference call in my undies and scratch my armpits to my heart's content and nobody will know.

The landscape of the corporate world has changed and continues to evolve as I type these words. We are seeing a steady increase in the number of telecommuters and work from home professionals. I have had several productive shifts in coffee shops. I hope that the entire world catches on and stops insisting on traditions put on paper using a typewriter.

Would love to have this shirt!
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