Sunday, August 09, 2015

The One Where I Lost Her

Grocery day. We usually try to take just one kid at a time but I felt like we're ready to have both fatal charming storms with us today (nakakamatay ang likot ng mga ito). Plus mommy guilt. The cantankerous bitch won't zip it. She really wants a complete family tree on grocery days.

The kids love the free cart ride. Their favorite spot is the live fish area. For their entertainment, I'd usually pick stuffed animals and toys. Then off the cart the toys go when it's time to pay.

Their gleeful hedonistic hearts, however, cannot handle the wait time at the checkout counters. So I'd typically take whoever is with us to the toys' area while the Hubby waits in line. Today I had two kids with me, one glued to my hips. Sop was trying some kids' motorbikes while Pot was finding balls to fit in that cute hoop in the corner. Then it happened. Pot just magically disappeared.

I searched all her favorite spots. Crayons and coloring books. Toys and more toys. Appliances area, TVs. I could not find her. Thoughts of kidnapping, pedophilia and white slavery started creeping in. Will I see her in Makati as a filthy beggar with a missing leg? I noticed that my heart stopped beating. I wondered how I am still alive.

After almost 10 minutes of searching and asking grocery staff, one lady confirmed that she saw Pot a few minutes ago. She said that I should probably check the "arcade" area outside. God bless her. Pot was indeed there.

I found her in this spot, with a semi worried look in her face but with eyes still mesmerized by this flashy "Fantasy World" whatever. I would have probably relocated to this world if we lost her for real.

Pot is a special needs child. She is six years old, nonverbal and with the faculties and behaviors of a three year old. How will she find her way home? I am going to make an ID for her this week. And she will need to wear it everytime we're out. And I will never get tired of praying for the kindness of strangers.

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