Wednesday, September 19, 2012


100 years ago, I wrote a poem. I submitted it in a university publication's website. I was very happy when they published it.. my last attempt at ...Anyways, web surfing led me to the once-per-quarter itch to see what Google has to say about me. I usually start with my complete name as a married woman - for recent hits - and proceed to some codenames, alter-ego's, secret blogs, etc. Last stop would always be my maiden name. And here's what I found.

  • First Reaction - Foul! They stole the poem from the publication without asking for permission nor attribution
  • Second Reaction - Yuck.
  • Third Reaction - I didn't want to write about it because of all the possible permutations of  "yuck!" But then again, you have to own these things, right? It was a phase. It was bad writing. But I meant what I said, every bit of it - at that time. 
  • Poems are soul photos. Yeah, that was me right there.
Ok, hiding now.

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