Sunday, January 29, 2012

Canon S100 vs Canon G12

Hubby's carefully weighing pro's and con's...He called me for my opinion on the delicate matter at hand. My thing has always been, let the expert be the expert. So my only concerns? Do they have any one of this in purple? Which one comes with a better bag?

I'm gadget-phobic. Or maybe not... I just don't care so much about conjugal stuff. I firmly believe that there are things that are best owned by individuals (like toothbrush), not by pairs/groups --- Top 2 on my list are laptop and camera.

I'm still excited to have our first family camera though.. because it means that I get the old one for myself. Sana lang maayos pa. No need to worry about dropping the new camera, or leaving it somewhere, or scratching precious lens... all the typical accidents that happen to me, and me alone.



  1. Hi Mori! S100 is a pocketfriendly point and shoot. for point and shoot cam with DSLR like capabilities, the ff are top favorites accdg to forums: FujiFilm X10, Lumix X5/GF1/GF2/GF3. :)

  2. Hi Romi,

    Both cameras are good :) Like Aileen said, the S100 is a good point and shoot cam. Nice for everyday use, capture the moment stuff. The G12 however is more like for the semi-serious photographer. It's still a compact camera but it belongs to the high-end group. It has a wide variety of features and it's almost like a DSLR, not recommended for noobs. :) If you're looking for a budget-friendly cam that's capable of amazing stills and decent videos, is easy to use but also have some degree of ISO/Aperture/shutterspeed control I suggest you look into the GE X500 (around P8k) :) We currently have one and we're lovin' it :) 15X optical zoooooom is great :) We also have a Canon A1200 for our point and shoot needs (around P4k) :)

    Good luck on the quest for a new Camera :)


  3. Oh wow, you guysh are great! Thanks for the tips and recommendations. My boss, real-life, reads this... He'll decide. But if the old digicam dies for good... at least I know what to ask for... malapit na birthday ko! Haha! Thanks again!