Tuesday, June 05, 2012

And on to something I didn't want to have to write

The first man to have ever told me that he'll raise a kid with me, even if it's not his, is sick.

The first man to have ever helped me move out of my parents' house, is ill.

My days with this man are numbered. I don't want to imagine how life will be like when he's gone.

8 months? 8 years? 8 decades?

For the first time, I hate deadlines and timelines.

Hey you. No dying until the day I told you about.


  1. I love you too. To clarify though, I'm not sick. I'm just more prone to infections, and if I do get sick, it'll be more difficult to recover. Don't worry. I don't have plans of dying anytime soon. :-)

  2. If my understanding is correct, you might be interested in this article:

    Hope is only lost when you let it go.


  3. Look:

    We are lucky to be born in this era. Cure for a lot of diseases are already available. Even TB is not as deadly as before. Anyway, cheer up! Be positive :)