Saturday, February 01, 2014

The People In My Neighborhood

Meet I and M. If not for the dedication and brilliance of these two, I will not be where I am now. If they weren't great at what they do, the company will not decide to grow the team. There wouldn't have been any opportunity for me. Yihaaa!

These ladies share a dangerous (for obese me) love for food, everything Korean and... selfies?


Ms. R is a superstar in the office. She's a major inspiration behind my career move.
She barely sleeps. It's the merit season. Nobody does in C&B.
Our awkward WACKY. It's comforting to know that someone shares my WACKY discomfort.
My two bosses. The left (P) and the right (Ms. R). After I give birth, I cannot be fat. Oh, and P never sleeps too.
Simple rule: click before you eat.

C (far right) is the boss of our bosses. Here, they are making fun of me... trying to beat the 5-second timer o the camera. Running pregnant woman is apparently a funny sight.

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