Saturday, February 01, 2014

Team Activity

We stayed at the Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa. It's a majestic destination for relaxation. The Zen minimalist theme of the resort blends perfectly with the view of the mountain ranges,  the ocean and abundant greenery. Like most resorts in Subic, Kamana Sanctuary's beach is not for urban rats craving water activities. It's perfect for sedate, reflective, romantic get away's.

Kamana Sanctuary's perfection lies in its location and architectural design --- do not expect so much from its staff. It seems that they are still in the process of discerning what excellent customer service means. It also seems like they are still not used to having guests. Everything takes a while to prepare and staff tends to panic when simplest questions/requests are thrown their way.

I specifically did not like the big bluff that we experienced. In the process of booking the rooms, I was told (several times!) that they were hosting a big corporate event on the day of our arrival. They said that this is the reason why they can only offer one room type and cannot guarantee availability of the conference room. Well, when we checked in, the place was full... of nothing. Aside from us, the only guests that we saw were  two other people (one couple). Maybe this is some sick sales strategy to create a sense of urgency on our part to confirm the reservation.

Anyways, this was "supposedly" the only room type available on the day of our trip. It's a deluxe twin with loft and a balcony. We shared rooms, despite our boss' generous offer to get us our own rooms, because no one wants to be alone in this spacious work of art. That's a King bed at the lower deck and a Queen on the loft.

Our boss reallywanted us to stay in these babies called Casitas. Again, the resort bluff said that none of these are available on our check in date. When we arrived, our boss asked again and they suddenly had one free. So they put her in one of the Casitas --- farthest from all of us. We could not understand why the rest are not available, or why put her on the last Casita next to nowhere, when there were obviously zero occupants in the entire strip that night.

 These, however, help one forget about terrible service and trust issues.

First "live" encounter with an infinity pool. If I weren't pregnant or if I had preggy swimwear with me, I would have chosen this over sleep and/or breakfast. I miss swimming!

Thank you IHG and thank you to our bosses and my team mates for this wonderful trip. And ok, fine, thank you Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa for providing a relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful venue for our team activity. 


Contact Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa through these numbers:
Tel nos. +632 843.7851 to 52 (Makati)
Tel nos. +63 47 250.0725 to 28 (Subic)
(To call Subic from Manila, dial 047-250-0725)

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