Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Free Online Tarot Reading

In times of need, I turn to the stars and the occult for comfort. Just because. I typically turn to the warm shoulders of astrology but I also love readings from Tarot cards. It was ZephyrInTheSky who introduced me to the wonders and powers of these cards. Not related to this post but I'm sharing because you might be looking for comfort too: she also does FREE auracle reading (click here if you're interested).

I didn't know until a few minutes ago that you can actually receive free tarot readings online. Of course, I am not confident that the readings will be as accurate compared to when you have the cards in front of you. I doubt that our energy can penetrate computer monitors to "touch" the cards' images. But since ZephyrInTheSky  has been refusing my requests for a free aura reading, I really have no choice. Here are my cards for today. My career hopes and dreams were accurately captured. I just don't know if they mean positive news too. I have faith and diligence, I am ok.

Daily CAREER Tarot Reading

And for the lovesick and romantics, they also offer FREE DAILY TRUE LOVE Tarot ReadingI am 1,000,000% sure that I have found my true love. My cards agree.

Amazing huh? A friendly reminder. As per Zenaida Zeva (who probably damaged her own career with her signature line): "Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran - gabay lamang sila, meron tayong free will gamitin natin ito."

"The stars do not own our fate - they are mere guides, we have free will, let's use it."


All images ares from Horoscope.Com but digital magic is mine.

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