Saturday, June 11, 2016

PhP 100K for a year of therapy sessions

I have been receiving curious questions (wrapped in love, in the words of Ms. A) about TLO's therapy expenses. Coincidentally, our therapy center just sent our Statement of Account from May 2014 up to the first week of June. To summarize, we paid a little over PhP 100,000 for a year of therapy sessions.

I've added notes below for mothers and everyone who need the same type of developmental intervention for their loved ones.

  • This is not a complaint. We love our therapy center. We are big fans of TLO's therapist. Their rates are reasonable. We have paid for more expensive therapy sessions from a center here in Makati - no progress in TLO, for double the price.
  • These amounts are for three ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy sessions per week.
  • The spikes in payments due are for when the case manager visits. This is a component of the center's service that we truly appreciate. A case manager is like a therapist's "school principal" checking on the performance of the therapist and TLO's progress against developmental programs
  • The amounts exclude the therapist's transportation expense. The center is far from Makati so we opted for Home Based sessions.

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