Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Desktop Wallpaper as Work/Life Mood Ring

(Same introduction from 2011) These are all products of carefully considered search results from Google Images. Minor edits and designs are mine.

06.10.15 - Now
So many things are happening. Trying to find balance through and by the grace of every day.

02.26.15 - 06.09.15
Tough times at work.

01.28.15 - 02.25.15
From when I couldn't seem to find my element.

12.29.14 - 01.27.15
Trying to find indigenous joy in new beginnings..

12.03.14 - 12.28.14
The scary moon of The daily/nightly grind can be swallowed by the bright lights of the yuletide season.

10.31.14 - 12.27.14
Spooky existence may seem harmless with the right amount of capitalist distractions.

10.07.14 - 10.30.14
I wish I can bring the kids to work and put them in an adorable basket on top of my desk.

09.27.14 - 10.06.14
Feeling blue and extremely unstable. Three months after returning to work from maternity leave.

03.24.14 - 09.26.14
Less than a month before giving birth. I thought this penguin looked like the little one, based on his first pic (3D ultrasound).

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  1. Ate, I feel you dun sa 10.07.14 - 10.30.14. Sana nga companies would be a bit considerate sa working mommies na pwede dalhin ang anak kapag walang mag aalaga. Pag ako yumaman at magkaron ng sariling company, maglalaan ako ng isang kwarto para sa mga kids ng employees :) Para di na sila gumastos sa yaya, i-save na lang nila yun.