Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fragile Little Things

...that happened since my last post.

Feb-17: Our 17th Boyfriend-Girlfriend Anniversary
Feb-17 to Feb-19: Anniversary Getaway --- Cancelled because...
Feb-18 to Feb-26: Atlanta Business Trip
Mar-04 to Mar-05: Tagaytay Trip - Despedida event for Josie
Mar-15 to Mar-15: Turned a year older
Mar-19 to Mar-21: Singapore Business Trip
Mar-18 to Mar-23: Anniversary Getaway in Singapore --- Cancelled because we're poor
Mar-19: Josie's flight to Bangkok

It's all bittersweet, with new experiences painted over different shades of sadness. I am blessed, I am happy, I am sad, I am counting my blessings. But truth be told, most days from the last post had me worrying that I may just die of overstimulation. I am exhausted from trying to stand still in the middle of this cruel vortex that I made for myself. But we are all tired and we're all in this together. That makes me feel good about myself and all these fragile little things.

I knew it. With faith, dragons can be real.

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