Tuesday, February 07, 2017

My Sister Needs Help

My sister set this up in GoGetFunding today. My brother-in-law was diagnosed of stage 3 cancer yesterday and we need all the help and kindness in the world to support his recovery. I know I only have 12 seasonal readers but if you can spread the word, the 12 may become 12,000 by the sheer power of faith.


Help Us Grow Old Together

We were highschool sweethearts. At 17, we ran away together but ended up coming back home because we couldn't make it out there. Fast forward some more years. We are now husband and wife and parents to two beautiful cats and one rowdy dog. We got our first car last year and got the key to our new home.

Today, we confirmed that Cezar has cancer.

We're still waiting for the specifics but our ENT surgeon said biopsy confirmed the mass under his right eye is malignant, we just don't know what type of cancer yet.

We have already sold our house and loaned a large amount from my husband's employer. The car will have to go soon, too. We have worked hard all these years to be independent and to at least invest our money where it wouldn't waste away with the years. Now, whatever we have left, we are still in the process of letting go to be able to raise funds for his treatment.

His last surgery was done to at least rid him of some of the pain that the mass is causing him (cancer is making his teeth loose and causing a lot of pain). It was tagged as a dental procedure and HMO covered nothing. With a cancer diagnosis his HMO will cover everything but his maximum benefit limit will not even be enough to pay for the surgeon's professional fee.

Cezar will need a maxillectomy where the doctors will remove a large part of his upper right jaw bone and possibly his right eye. Depending on how successful the operation will be, he would have to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

Cezar is the love of my life. When we got married, we promised each other forever. We said we'd stay together until we're both old and gray. We are still dreaming of having kids someday and I hope we can keep our promise of growing old together to each other.

I'm asking for your help so we can have Cezar's surgery scheduled as soon as possible. I am also asking you to please remember us the next time you pray.

For the past 14 years, Cezar has been my rock and he has taken care of me like no one ever has. I intend to return the favor and make sure that he's taken care of.

We would be eternally grateful for any help you may be able to extend our way.

Please help us fight for his life. Please help us fight for our love. Please say a little prayer for us and our families as we go through this difficult time.

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