Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Duterte It Is

We cannot fight the math. We have a new president.

I can see why the people chose Digong. He is seen as the radical change that has been missing in the Philippines' political landscape for a long time. I wanted him to be my president too, back when he was still not sure about pursuing the highest seat in the land.

A study of nations revealed that certain cultures (and historical profile) work best with certain leadership styles and forms of government. The perfect matches derived from this study explains why we are where we are and what we are as a people. It said that a country like the Philippines, with a rich experience in being a colony, will not flourish in democracy. We need a Lee Kuan Yew. And Duterte was the closest bet.

But then he started talking about women, and Australia, and the differently abled, and trains in exchange of islands. I questioned my conviction. And voted for Miriam.

None of these matter now. He will be our president. And as in previous years and administrations, let us continue NOT TO CARE. Let us continue to live with honor, dignity, integrity and simplicity. Let us work hard to not have to depend on the government for anything. Let's own our future and make great leaps toward our dreams. Duterte cannot make anything happen for us. No president will.

And you, Mr. President, you are accountable for numbers that only you and your cohorts can manage. GNP, GDP, Inflation Rate, CPP-NPA? Focus, Sir. Focus. Stop thinking about the jet ski ride. Stop thinking about who you want to cut ties with. Just get working. And don't give tax discounts to others if it means additional taxes for others. Not fair.

Hmmm... Finally, please don't suck too much. I actually like it here. In the Philippines. And we may be pushed to leave if you (and your VP, God forbid that it's BBM) start to bring in the crazy.

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