Monday, November 09, 2015

Maulang Lunes

Hay naku, Chito. Mapapatay niyo ako ni Neri one of these days sa mga salitang post niyo sa IG. Anyways, naalala ko na naman ang sa aking favorite books, yung 5 Love Languages. Sabi kasi ni Neri sa isang lumang post niya, hindi naman daw dating likas na ma-emote si Chito sa IG. Nahawa na lang daw yata sa kanya. I am happy to see that "the languages" really work. He tried to speak Her language. At ngayon ay nagkakaintindihan sila nang bonggang bongga. Sigurado yung mga ibang hindi "words" ang love language, nauumay sa kanilang online PDA. But me? I love it. I love it. I love it. Parang dark chocolote, bitter sweet.


Your spouse has one particular “language” in which he or she best communicates love. The five languages are acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and physical touch.

If your husband’s language is acts of service, you can give him a hundred handwritten cards with profound declarations of love, but he will not feel loved until you help him in the yard or run an errand for him. If your wife’s language is quality time, you can wash her car and take out the trash every week, but she will not feel loved until you sit across from her, linger over a cup of coffee, and look into her eyes.

Chances are good that your spouse’s primary language is not your language. It is important not only to speak your spouse’s love language, but also to listen in that language. Translate for yourself so that you can receive your spouse’s expressions of love to you.

It takes just one of you becoming bilingual to communicate love effectively–but it does take one.

Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages is one of the most helpful books on marriage that you can read. If you aren’t familiar with the love languages, learning about them will benefit your marriage dramatically. (from here)

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