Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rebel Heart In Manila

If your husband ever asks you to come see an Aerosmith concert with him, keep him company even if you only know two of their songs. If he gets into a trance state while watching his idols from his teenage years, it is not the time to hurt and wonder why and how he did not hold your hand the entire time. Because, it is all worth it. IT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT. He will remember that you were a good girl when Madonna comes to town. And when you give up and accept that it's ok not to watch because the tickets are too expensive, he will remind you how you said that it will not matter if you have to sit on the floor for it is enough to share an enclosed space with your Goddess (sniffing molecular greatness) for a couple of hours. And he will buy the tickets. And he will watch it with you and your friends.

Oh and he will even remind you to do this, just to be sure that you are ready for the big day. I love him. I just love him. It gets "deeper and deeper, my love."

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