Friday, July 24, 2015

Now Showing: Cain & Abel (Not An Indie Film by INC)

Big Daddy Eraño Manalo left the earth as a very rich and influential man in 2009. He left his widow and six children with plenty of things to fight over while a lengthy and complex chain of a deliriously faithful cult tags along. Angel and Eduardo decides to make a memorable prelude to the 101st anniversary of the church built by Grand Daddy Felix. I am watching this closely. I want to see how it ends.

Want to bet on any one of these possible endings?

1. A Mass Exodus.
Members lose faith and trust in their church and the intricate layers of their holy people. They become disoriented for maybe a decade or so then they start joining other religions. Not a likely ending because no business ever closes just like that. What happens to all the wealth amassed by INC all these years? Do they get dividends or interest at all? Not my problem really. But for me, this means my children will finally have two sets of grandparents.They only have one now as the other set are faithful members of the church and have refused to acknowledge their existence. Just saying.

2. A Great Divide.
Just like this. INC lives on but as two warring teenagers. I wonder what permutations are bound to come out of this ending.

3. Joke's on us.
This is all a show. On the day of their anniversary, the factions join hands in prayer and speak of the glory of their God who did not let them down during the organization's most trying times (a few days, nobody died).

4. Revelation Day - Set A.
On their 101st anniversary, the second coming happens. The members of the church are saved and we, outsiders, are doomed foreverrrrr! Their temples' towers are spaceships after all and they merrily launch into outer space while we all drown in an ocean of magma while being raped by Satan.

5. Revelation Day - Set B.
Same with A but we are saved and they are not. Them and all religions who claim exclusive rights to salvation.

I can't wait. Do I get a prize for my fearless forecast?

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