Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yellow Gumamela

Our first yellow gumamela sighting. Amazing. I wish all households still maintained gardens like this.

I had so many beautiful memories courtesy of gumamela flowers and unprotected gardens. Stealing was a gray area in the morality scales of a lid. Especially when you needed colorful leaves for plating make-believe dishes for make-believe parties, husband and kids. Or when you needed plenty of gumamela flowers and leaves for creating the most powerful bubble-making concoction. You stole with pride. You stole with profound needs. And you were always ready with doe-eyed infused apologies, in case you're caught.

Our little girl has the most soulful eyes in the universe, with long eyelashes to boot. I bet she can have all the gumamela she wants. They'll be hers without having to ask nor steal. Now that worries me. Or does it?

Mommy snickers and beams with pride.

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