Friday, October 05, 2012

Currently Reading: Out of the Blue

Great news (for someone very dear to me) got me devastated. I asked some friends to go drinking but our conflicting schedules are bitches. And so like so many years ago, when I needed some listening ears but I didn't have friends, I turned to books. There's a little library at work, thank God. This one seemed like good company. I totally get her.

"TV weather presenter Faith is very good at forecasting the weather, yet can't predict the big cold snap in her own life that's heading her way as her husband Peter starts to stray. Faith's two teenage children are behaving very oddly, Faith's best friend, the brilliant but bitchy magazine editor, Lily Jago, is seemingly supportive, but is following her own selfish agenda. Only the family dog, Graham, offers Faith the fidelity and reassurance that she craves. But then Faith meets Jos, a handsome theatre designer, but is he all that he seems to be...?" Buy it here...

Author: Isabel Wolff (
Published by: HarperCollins 2001
ISBN: 0-00-651341-7

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